GrangerClub Scrim Results The Clan Match Results is an archive for all recorded scrimmages on the GrangerClub server. GrangerPub Servers <a href=""></a> GrangerPub Admin Applications Hello fellow applicants. Unitremia <strong><font color="blue">U</font><font color="cyan">n</font><font color="white">i</font><font color="cyan">trem</font><font color="red">i</font><font color="magenta">a</font></strong> is a public multiprotocol Tremulous 1.3 server owned by yours truly, <strong><font color="blue">*</font><font color="white">&lt;</font><font color="0000FF">{</font><font color="red">d</font><font color="##00FF00">Gr8Lookin</font><font color="blue">Sparky</font></strong>, and is located in Frankfurt, Germany. The game play of this server is based on the Swirl Game mode of Tremulous 1.3, I will keep the server updated with that game play, and from time to time I may mod <strong><font color="blue">U</font><font color="cyan">n</font><font color="white">i</font><font color="cyan">trem</font><font color="red">i</font><font color="magenta">a</font></strong>’s game play differently.
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GrangerPub Admins • Level 3: Cerkitz • Level 4: Burrito, Tofurkey, MachineMedic, Face, Elite, KidMan • Level 5: cleanharry, Torrente, Silver, blowFish, Sir|Ghost, Pro Noob, Rhez2 • Level 6: Khione, newb, Evoker, …

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