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Grey Goo Gun (2)
Invisible Assasin Alien (4)
Realistic Blackholes and Airlocks in Space Maps (19)
BattleGrangers and Spitting Dretches: Combat effective upgradable grangers or dretches (1)
Improve the server browser (3)
Portal gun should see more use (11)
CMake revamp (11)
Game play changes to humans, to be balanced and competitive (4)
About the alien kamikaze (3)
Proposal: Map maker similar to the one used by Saurabraten or TimeSplitters (1)
Proposal: Time Dretch (3)
Flashlight and night vision (7)
Modular Aliens ( 2 ) (26)
The New Heath Degrading System (4)
{Idea} Short-Range Radar (3)
Ideas for Support Gear (1)
Vocal Announcers (18)
Consideration of Other Game Engines for Tremulous (17)
Proposal: Remove glorified CHEATS ( 2 ) (26)
Brainstorm ideas for types of deployables (14)
Add a barbed buildable (4)
What if a granger opened a bar (9)
Evil Genius Wiki-post OF DOOM (2)
Idea: shoot from the gun (4)
Basic constants of human condition (10)
Rare structure: wizard book! (4)
Teach crows English (4)
Alien regeneration (9)
Meson build system (2)
About headbites (1)