[DENIED]Ninjas Application


Kind of off-topic, but guess I was wrong about you making positives changes yellow. Both of you (ninja and yellow) broke rules in that event which I'm gonna keep in my mind for now, and think what to do. In the mean time, good luck with your app Ninja.


Synn was there, and I can have him back me up on this.


Thanks wood.


I did see a jared nigger johnson but I cant confirm or deny who it really was. I wasnt really paying attention at the time lol
But anyways I think Ninja is a pretty level headed guy.
F1 from me lol


Let me stop you right there. I am acting in my capacity as a high admin. If you would like to know how I truly feel about you on a personal level, feel free to ask anyone in the Fk group chat for screenshots. Your short temper and lack of emotional stability are what make you insuitable as an administrator. That is not a, "personal jab."

So angry that you became abusive, referring to me as both an asshole and a retard. It is as I have already said, you have a short temper and lack emotional stability. Correct both of those issues over the course of the next 8-12 months and I will gladly support your application.

You referred to me as both an asshole and a retard.

You attacked me out of the blue, which I ignored because I know what you are. Then you crossed the line with regard to photos of my family and I, and I decided I did not have to take such mistreatment from a member of this team.

We were not friends. There has never been a moment in time that we have been friends. We were on adequate terms at the time, and you chose to make personal attacks without provocation.


Sorry for this, It seemed like you were personally attacking me.Not being rude at all, but I quite frankly do not care how you feel about me on a personal level, and thanks for your input.

In my defense, you were purposely being an asshole to be that day because of your disliking towards me, not because of anything else.

As I have said numerous times, I am truly sorry for those threats, and I was not going to do anything at all. I would of never released anything, despite what I said. Again, I am very sorry for bothering you non that day.

Not sure how to respond to this, other than we were friends and had nothing against each other. We talked to each other various times when ever we were connected at the same times, conversations and all.


not trying to butt in here but that sounds more like acquaintances not friends. Even though me and hero are not on bad terms anymore. im sure he doesnt consider me a friend since we have never had any close bonds and had a clan rivalry in the past, i bet he would consider us acquaintances instead. There is a difference.


Everyone at GrangerHub is my friend.


Wow, punky got F2'd and is now making it a personal mission to deny his former best friend ninja of admin. Some maturity you have there, punky. Looks like we dodged a bullet with you... or did your "brother" write all of this?


If he wants to act like that its fine, It's not hurting me or anyone else here. He is just making himself look like an even bigger fool than before.


Ninja is not my friend, less with his bad treatments agaisnt me. And i'm not making nor trying nor acting like nothing i'm telling the truth about the clear lies ninja wrote here. He is not an active player and he revealed personal information of players. Infact i said LITERALLY Untrue and good luck. Then i backed my words with more truth. But hey, if you want me to shut my mouth and do not point things that are totally false, i will.


Isn't this against the rules on GrangerHub and Pub?


Take this to a separate thread, but I will say that you are not very trusted in this community and you made EBSF look very bad. A reason Effect demoted you.


Correct, but he says this as I intended to hurt him in some way. I renamed to his name after he changed his name to Jared 'Nigger' Johnson, as a joke I guess.


It is, totally.

Once again untrue, another lie. I can't deny i did that, but renamed yourself with my name and surname first without any reason.


Is their a way to check the logs? Thats the only way that anything is getting solved, since back and forth without much evidence is just pointless. Honestly doesn't matter, considering you aren't very trusting. Lying about your age, talking about people behind their backs, immature and childish, etc etc.


Maybe for you; and, you are?.

What the fuck?.


Wait, you're describing yourself lol.


@Ninja @YellowMellow It appears you two are going at each other, I was present when I saw this happen and I am sure of it while I wasn't really responding or talking I didn't think much of it. Besides that point.

Everyone is allowed in the GrangerHub community whether you are rude, nice, awesome or anything else but GrangerHub does not tolerate any rule breakers/violations hence leading to then removal if necessary.

It appears you both have done this action possibly in attempts to get back at each other, while this wasn't the best approach in my opinion next time whoever does the naming first contact an administrator with proof. This naming issue will have to be saved for another thread feel free to PM me about it or create a thread on the #servers:grangerpub-report-players-and-request-unbans category with evidence or proof.


I suggest we just deny the app for now. Both Punky and Ninja seem to be having an unnecessary flame war that isn't helping at all. A simple "Sorry, I won't do it again " will NOT get you back your admin. I clearly know that entire paragraph you wrote everything you've written so far is transparent as fuck. And by the way, I am not taking anyone's side on this. I am expressing my opinions on you based on how I've seen you handle other player's problems or even your own ones. Calling Punky immature (which is kind of ironic) will not get you anywhere.

Good luck.


.... You literally just lost all credibility there. Try to not to make such a dull post next time okay?


You're doing it WRONG.