[DENIED]Punky's 3rd application


you can’t be serious lmao, if anything you got kicked twice for continuously bleeding not only me but majority of players on the team. then the kick votes kept getting cancelled by some retarded admin aliased as ‘bloody’ who somehow has managed to demonstrate what it’s like to have a speech impediment but in textual form. Anyways I wasn’t even referring to this incident^^ but you brought it up.


I bled you once or twice and it was an accident because of your constant block with a rant on a small room (and i remember perfectly that it was snipes from adv goon because i was trying to snipe inside the bathroom). After that you just tried to kick me twice and then a guy who were trying to troll or something. You thought it would be a great idea to tk me because your vote didnt pass even if the admin wouldnt canceled. Today i asked you in-game if you remember when this happened so you could “report me and ban me” and you just ignored me.


For someone who wants the role of a level 3 admin you really shouldn’t blatantly lie like that. The vote was like 6 to 1 each time because you were impacting everyone so lol. Honestly i literally don’t care enough to ‘report and ban you’ (lol?). You were purposely bleeding me and others with a mara and goon. I wasn’t even blocking so I don’t see your point lol.


Then why you make a drama about something that it isnt even true…


You may not know this, but referencing only one line of a post is a quality we look for in our L10 admins. Keep up the good work.

Punky mind telling me why your L2 was revoked on Gpub?


Because i took 400 hp of a rant on a team kill. I tried to talk with bird about that, but the only response was: apply on forums. As i told bird, my brother plays with my computer sometimes, i didnt knew about this issue until 1 week after, when i got abused by robot. I thought woodbury demoted me so i spoke with him first and he told me bird did. I apologized and i said wont let my brother play again. Also with my demotion i stood registered as [!!!]pain… but that is already solved.


@asbestos what’s your in game name


nos mae / nos.mae / nos maebong / nos.maebong


in game name is nos mae, not sure why punky is replying for me lol


I simply try to help speed up the process


sorry didn’t realise your life revolves around tremulous


Leave GrangerHub. Now. :grenade:


Denied for now. But I encourage you to reapply again. I see you are making good changes in how you handle things, keep it up. I really mean it.

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