Well said. I like your motivation, and I think this clan has a lot of potential. [quote=“DarkMicrobe, post:19, topic:2167, full:true”]
avarthar don’t take this the wrong way, but i often find myself cringing harder than when watching leafy vids whenever you post these things that are probably meant to come off as serious but just fail to do so imo. Ily though #nohomo

At least he’s trying, you refuse to join a clan and drink your dads beer all day whilst watching keemster and leafy vids.


vape bleach faggot

i approach clans like i approach girls
i don’t.


You should definitely apply for dwarfs


I’m 1.75 sorry

@avarthar: sorry


Eh ^^ no problem, if you someday feel like you want to join the applications are still opened ^^



I think your clan tag must put shorter, like {DWF} is better. But I’m not sure if you like it too.

Hope will understand. :wink:


Sure ^^ That’s something I didn’t really thought, I’ll add some right now ^^ thx for telling me


I’ve updated the main post. Thx again @BillyRazOr2015 ^^


Good luck avarthar!


Thank you craze ^^


You’re welcome and good luck @avarthar :smiley: :wink:


Why was I added her again?


I don’t really know ^^ ask @hero :stuck_out_tongue: (I don’t really get the names post but ok I guess ^^)


Thick ass taylor switft nigga


Oh now I get it ^^ <3


still haven’t got the slightest fucking clue what’s the joke but okie




This is a serious clan. Can’t you tell by the elaborate post?


I already have few things ready for the clan actually ^^.
I’m also working on few layouts to test and maybe get better as needed.

Some of them has already been tested a bit, but they require more ^^. And since they are clan builds, I can’t really test them in public right now ^^. (Even if they might be seen in scrims, but well, they’ll have to wait until then ^^)

  1. Your in-game name: Dwanld Twump was Raped By

  2. The amount of time: you play: nearly 20hrs a day.

  3. How often do you play: About all day.

  4. Why would we take you incase of someone else: I’ve played for 3 yrs
    (almost 4) and I know a lot about tremulous have have some good in-game

  5. Would you be willing to do some training and attend to as much training as you can: Yes i haven’t had any training before(I’ve learned over the course of they years I’ve played.

  6. Do you have Discord so we can talk outside of in-game chat if needed: I don’t really know?

  7. Is there any member of the clan willing to recommend you: Avarthar

  8. Anything else you would like to add that may help your application: Nothing else to say.


Thx for applying ^^

// Approved.
I will be sending you the server password shortly for when we wanna try to figure out few things for the clan ^^.