@avarthar When your member base grows I'd be happy to help train your team with you. At the very least I can show you some of the drills that I and Fk use.



Sure thanks for offering it ^^ <3

Once the trainings begins I'll make sure to let you know. (And give you access to the server also ^^)
For the password just tell me which way you'd prefer it ^^

Or if you prefer to make the trainings on another server, we'll see in time ^^


That message was for your halarious joke


I just Installed Discord Now.


Sounds good ^^ I'll be making a new discord server for the clan as soon as possible. It might not be before monday tho. I got a lot of work (mostly because we redo our roof because of few problems...) but yea... I'ma get one going really shortly.


Just came back after finishing the roof. I'm going to make the discord server tomorrow. (Tonight I'm kinda out of energy ^^)

Sorry for taking so long to answer back, but I couldn't connect at all. LIke, yesterday I had to wake up a 6:00 Am and finished at 8:30 PM, then today it was the exact same and well... With a sun that produce a 30*C+ day/after 12:00 it's taking lots and lots on energy really quick ^^ (Even with some pauses and after drinking lots of water bottles :stuck_out_tongue: )


It's alright, I don't mind if you post late or not, I can wait.


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