Elite Blaster Strike Force [EBSF]


Just updated the roster for you lazy nignogs. I made it a staff post so the background is black, let me know if you want it gone.

Side note, use markdown and BBCode. It’ll be a lot less of a pain in the ass to edit than HTML. Other note, text centering is disabled at the moment.


I don’t see the update.


It was




Did you expect an entire reformating? I could do that too.


No lol. I just thought you meant you were updating it to the Cadet section as well, also YellowLightning is a full member.


Nevermind, I had to reload the page.

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welcome si and maximus




add me


You guys should show up one day with the names ,Blaster" ,Strike" and ,force."

That’d be lit.


cause I’m elite kk


omg I get the joke now!!


lit blaster strike force


Elaborate Beautiful Spermy Facials will never show up under those names. We take more pride in our aliases than that :*


elite is no longer part of ebsf sorry kiddo u blew it


This is kind of patronizing is it not? I’d expect a bit more maturity from the clan leader… “kiddo” “u blew it”

A simple “Elite is no longer apart of EBSF” would have sufficed.


top kek m8


None of your business.


I guess you don’t remember when YOU were publicly embarrassed on these forums. Have some humanity and stop acting like some big shot because you’re in the EBSF.


I literally just said that “applez reputation” is none of your business, so do not come to bring trouble to our poll.