Elite Blaster Strike Force [EBSF]


Nothing of this reply mentioned "Applez reputation."


None of your business. End.



.... ok


@bird : I am a little puzzled you talk about maturity yet you are here Making a scene over something that does not concern you nor include you. And bringing up passed events like a traumatized child.
If you have not noticed this is the Internet you will come across people like me who just does not care. I'm just here to say what I have to and to play the game and i will say things the way i do because it's who I am. So I will not change because you want me to. So please stay out of my clan post if you have nothing to say that I find constructive towards the way i run things. Thank you.


I agree with Ur mindset, but I have to say that what bird said wasn't meant to be offensive and was actually constructive, the fact is if you're going to post these things publicly everyone is indirectly concerned and can react to it. He didn't criticize the way U run your clan in any way.

Again I'm not sure wtf I can even say since I like calling retards out for what they are publicly without restraint (amongst other things).


Bird was correct about us not bringing this up in unrelated threads. That thread was regarding suspected admin abuse, and I was incorrect to say such unrelated things in the topic. He is incorrect regarding how a clan leader chooses to drop a member from a clan outside of bird's own. This is AppleZ's clan thread, not an unrelated one.

I think bird has the right to his own opinion, but does not have the right to put his expectations onto someone outside of his own clan. Your opinion is your own, but AppleZ has no need to bow to your "expectations".

I'm sure bird meant well, but as Maejong said: If people post things publicly, and someone responds negatively, that person shouldn't be surprised when people dislike that negativity.

I don't really care one way or the other. Too mean, too nice? The bottom line is that Elite said he was going to leave soon anyway, so it doesn't really matter. If he's seen wearing the EBSF tag, appropriate measures should be taken against him.


Please add


to the roster.


Nice........LOL damnit Apple.


You forgot Dragos[EBSF] and Hard4ever[EBSF] (xD hard SOON(TM))


Sonic is not a cadet either, he's a full member.


Im so proud about where am i.