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Island countries (like the UK) are not located on any continent-sized landmass, but they are usually grouped geographically with a neighbouring continent (in this case Europe)[Find me which moron decided that]. The UK and Wales certainly does NOT “belong” to or in Europe both geographically AND politically.

The UK is usually added alongside Europe for convenience in geographics, and a recent referendum annulled our political involvements.

Russia is transcontinental, it doesn’t necessarily reside in Europe either.


Iceland is near Greenland. Greenland, geographically, is with America (politically is with Denmark (so EU)), but Iceland is European (if we use geographic terms).

I think has been decided by both hystory and geologism.

Anyway this post is nosense. @Rinspeed you had to write: Ckit has the same timezone that I have.


I also share the same time as Ivory coast (West Africa). Time zone is based on longitudual divisions not on geographical regions/continents.


I didn’t write “UK=Europe coz the same time zone”


I was referring to this


Well she is talking about the delay between American and European time.
However, you guys trolled her focusing on “geography” instead of “time zone”.
“Timezone” talking, you have the same (or the near one) hour of @Rinspeed.

And yes, if “Mokumbo” from Ivory Coast start a similar topic, he could say that he has the same time as you have, even if he’s from another continent.


Well Im +1 hour ahead of him :smiley:

Well Pangea was included bit I think and scientics also. Besides what Blizz said.


Fixed. From Laurasia we have North America, Europe and Asia. But UK’s hystory is more European than American.

In geologism terms, I don’t know if UK is more similar to North America or Europe.


You can update the clan structure, I scrapped that ages ago. [quote=“Rinspeed, post:19, topic:2534”]
PS.: Im not sure if you are trolling or just really that dumb.
No I just have an actual understanding of the world we live in. Enjoy your wiki pages.

@blizz a1 meme young ricci[quote=“Blizz, post:22, topic:2534”]
Greenland, geographically, is with America
North America.[quote=“Blizz, post:22, topic:2534”]
(politically is with Denmark (so EU)
Look up ,Greenland population density" for a good laugh. That place is a block of ice.[quote=“Blizz, post:22, topic:2534”]
Iceland is European (if we use geographic terms).
Geographically Iceland is an Island far removed from the European Continent. It is also being ripped in half day by day.[quote=“Blizz, post:26, topic:2534”]
Well she is talking about the delay between American and European time.
She’s talking about how her clan doesn’t practice, irrespective of timezones. She then made a series of excuses about how her timezone put her at a disadvantage.

@Ckit what is this ,delay" that ricci is speaking of? Doesn’t he know that 5 hours is nothing for gamers?[quote=“Blizz, post:26, topic:2534”]
However, you guys trolled her

No one trolled her. The only troll post I see is your a1 meme which I’ve already credited you for above.


OFF TOPIC: Years before I was able to play many hours and during night hours without any problem, now I get an headache after 1:30/2 hours and sonnolence during night. I’m old, not young :<

Those bastards always close their port when I try to attack em with my pro virus = game loss :<



From what I understand the UK isn’t a country, while its constituent entities are countries.

That is not entirely true. China has only one timezone even though conventionally it should have 4 or 5 timezones. And lets not forget about daylight savings time being recognized by not all countries.


Ohh well Im not entirely sure about that. Its not about wikipedia. Im not sure if you read books or ever checked maps. No idea if you studied it in school or not. Its about Great Britain is belongs to European continent. I think it was studied and proved with several investiagtions by smart scientists. But I guess everybody is stupid except you. Plz prove to me its a different continent. Why is this not known world wide? And why everybody thinks its part of Europe? They say Great Britain is located in West Europe. Hm and its only 34 km away from France.

Without that, you knew what he meant.

Im sorry. Why I have to write it all over again? 7-9 hours difference. Work, school, family other things. For example where is your clan mate Sonic? He went to study… Im sorry tremolous is not life. Just a freetime entertainment. I know how you are so serious about this but guess what, we are not.

You made me laugh :smiley: But I like your attitude :wink:


Thats right. For example Hungary is divided by longitudial meridian. Still have the same time zone in the whole country. Plus we use daylight savings time.


You’re from Hungary? Pic pls


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That’s Poland m8


A recent referendum will alter some aspects of our economic and political involvements with some countries in Europe (not all). The referendum hasn’t actually changed anything yet, and even when (perhaps if) we leave the EU there’s no doubt that we’ll still maintain close political and economic involvements with the EU member states (if it survives) and the other countries that make up the continent of Europe.