[EMGFk]The European Minority Group of Fk


Ckit just wants those filthy healthcare abusing immigrants out of his beloved home country.


Fair enough. Young ricci was meant as a term of affection.[quote=“Blizz, post:30, topic:2534”]
Those bastards always close their port when I try to attack em with my pro virus = game loss :<

What game is this?[quote=“dGr8LookinSparky, post:31, topic:2534”]
From what I understand the UK isn’t a country, while its constituent entities are countries.

[/quote]In the same sense that America isn’t a country, but a conglomeration of states, yes.[quote=“dGr8LookinSparky, post:31, topic:2534”]
That is not entirely true.
It is accurate in this case.[quote=“dGr8LookinSparky, post:31, topic:2534”]
China has only one timezone even though conventionally it should have 4 or 5 timezones.
The Chinese government chose to enforce Beijing time on the rest of their country, that is their prerogative.



That’s North Korea


Pandemic 2.



That’s Fascist Italy




No, not in the same sense. The United States of America is considered a single country, and none of its states are currently considered countries. While England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are all considered countries, and the United Kingdom is not considered a county, but it is considered a sovereign state. Then there is North America and South America which are continents but not considered countries nor even sovereign states.


Inaccurate. The pound has dropped to its lowest in decades, talks of another Scottish referendum have opened, your PM resigned and you’ve pissed off Europe.[quote=“Shuffle, post:39, topic:2534”]
and even when (perhaps if) we leave the EU there’s no doubt that we’ll still maintain close political and economic involvements with the EU member states
Good luck with that. You’ve just destabilized the eurozone, you actually think they won’t make an example of you?[quote=“Shuffle, post:39, topic:2534”]
(if it survives)
Time will tell.


Your understanding of statehood is minimal. The UK operates as a single ,country" in the same way that the USA does.


I was referring to our overall involvement in European politics, which has not changed on paper, as we are still a full member of the EU.

Destabilised is a very strong word, especially if you’re referring to Brexit’s impact on the eurozone. There is also no possibility whatsoever that the entire EU will just cut the UK off completely. We’ll still maintain close economic ties, but this time we’ll be trading on unfavourable terms (for us) instead of trading freely. We’re also still a member of NATO which means we’ll still be keeping close political ties with Europe.


Wow gj Sparky :smiley:



MAYBE I COULD FIND HONEY MORE EASILY IF ONLY I HAD A TAIL (or whatever the actual english sentence is in the cartoon)


We are not talking about the individual countries but the EU as a whole. [quote=“Shuffle, post:39, topic:2534”]
we leave the EU there’s no doubt that we’ll still maintain close political and economic involvements with the EU member states

Of course, just like most developed countries will be doing.

Immigrants are welcome assuming they assimilate with our culture.


Well I wasnt expecting more from you ckit. :smiley:


@hero @dGr8LookinSparky @rinspeed

As far as I know, there are several ways worldwide to interpret the world we live in.
Usaians and canadians interpret the continents as 7 worldwide (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and Antarctica) but there are countries in Europe that consider America as a whole, making a total of 6 continents, there are even countries that say that Antarctica isn’t a continent but just an icemass. Any interpretation of the continents I mentioned are completely valid in the United Nations, so Greenland is part of America as it is part of North America, so none of you are wrong, but it is wrong to correct other cultures in that matter, since the education system are different but both valid.

Check my Continents for newbies link or the TL;DR gif:

Edit: btw i wanted to reply this morning. I wrote this and just now, arriving home I saw I didn’t post it.

And @ckit :whale2::whale2::whale2::whale2: is in Europe according to the UN.(Eurasia also works)


It still won’t annul our political or economic involvement with the EU (unless the EU collapses).


Most countries in the world have involvement with the EU though, we are talking about being IN or OUT.

No Polynesia or Australasia?