Fk| Foreign Killers


[quote=burrito]and then fk runs away


fk? actually that lone, weak, scrawny looking lion is a better representation of hero.

i’m sensing some serious tormenting violations here? admins? oh wait you are one. that’s not a very mature way for a high-ranking admin to behave.


That lion is either female or around a year old, considering none of our members are female or children (unlike yours) I wouldn’t consider this an accurate representation.


“Suck it up”


Well, you do have some members that are total goofballs like a certain someone so I guess I could it say it IS actual representation :smile_cat::eyeglasses:




oh yeah my bad, i must have forgotten for a minute.

My apologies Ckit, I will be more prudent in the future.




You’re forgiven old friend.


Fk| the haters.


Children aren’t nearly that articulate. You’re a fucking moron. Suck it up.



That’s a cool meme. :yum:



U r both pity lamer scum clans hiv will rule ovr the world

Once it resurrects ok


2 years later trem dead blizz still stuck in rice fields


Can’t we all just get along?


starring campbellz as dog


This list should really be updated


Lol goodness. I died reading this topic.



right after you kill yourself