Fk| Foreign Killers



best clan


According to {$}Jinsu/Juliabond we are the

Fneverhad Ksexbefore clan


Tremulous virgins




Oh damn, that' s why they' re so close together, they don' t want to die virgin, not in the heterosexual sense of the term, clearly... Unmasked!.


Ur new avatars made me think of this

I particularly enjoy how spamo is holding his fist up, very suggestive position




Lol why am i in this? Anyways it looks like im just saying "IM RDY TO PLOW"


Pogba baby


so I've decided to leave see ya later guys


Not about that meme life. gtfo.

I like how my name is ricci in your contacts.



the deep future of 2048, the world is impacted by a nuclear holocaust started by a joint venture between the free masons, the Illuminati, the isreali government and the league of autistic open source programmers who fork john carmack's shit (TLAOSPWFJCS)

most importantly, tremulous 1.1 still lives on as the world's only source for online entertainment. people who survived the aftermath can only scavenge IBM Thinkpads, LAN cables and thousands of copies of Tremulous burned to poorly translated CDs sold in sweatshops. they are the only things plentiful and powerful enough to survive a nuclear attack, especially in retarded third world shitholes

online, there are no longer enough european subhumans, chink-o-neese gooks and middle islamic pedophiles to keep tremulous alive anymore. clans such as NoS and Fk|, over time became sentient beyond their clan leaders, and sought to keep the clan war forever revolving. a new artificial intelligence emerged, a cyborg AI who created memes in place of human players

you can't leave Fk|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|^|. you could of stopped this. if you don't, memes will be so supreme they make the children scream. only living, breathing humans can shed the lifeblood of clans to nurture the tree of tremulous

we need you

don't let memes kill tremulous


thank you for reading and GOD BLESS :pray: :granger: :pray:


DevHC /spoiler


"Europe need immigrants..."; "marxist feminism"

Subliminal messages?



Updated :
- Fixed clan structure
- Added new tag
- Member list in alphabetical order