Game design and theory - Introducting third class (team) inside Tremulous


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Retaining New Players With Game Play

True, if game is already at the market.
You know how this is working, all big AAA game developers publish SDK for their gameplay, then mod developers update/fix mistakes and problems there.
If there it is community project like this one, then developers talk with the community, see what are pros/cons aspects of the idea, and then accept or discard.

Of course like in all gaming communities there are some poison people who will trash idea just because they don’t like it.

That is the point of the “g_gametype” what “Q3”/“WolfET” have. You give companies/clients dedicated server with initial settings (the default one) (and of course, with proper documentation for all console variables what client can change) and it is up to the client how “he/she” will configure server.

Different approach to all this what I have in mind is not (well it could), is to give binary dedicated servers to the real hosting companies and to offer them any support.
EDIT: Home servers sucks (they are good only for the LAN games). Only upload speed and location where server is located is what is important.

I still have no idea why you guys are debating and discussing about “RPG” elements here. Mystery! :slight_smile:
I wrote that reply as a joke. It can be done, but personally and that is only my opinion is that it would ruin the game.

And now after 8 days after debating, where are we with 3rd class?

simple as that :slight_smile:


I know it will ruin the game I said so myself lol


We can create this as a gametype console variable, so it default be enabled, and anyone else who don’t like it can easy change it to the default :slight_smile:
what you think about that?


OK, read again, and read carefully my post and tell me what you think about the 3rd team. :slight_smile:


To further clarify, the third team concept doesn’t have to have anything to do with introducing new rpg elements, rpg was a side discussion.


I respect your opinion.

And again, I never said that it will be combination of RPG and FPS. Again you are mixing things. I again think and I strongly believe that you are don’t understand what I ask.
To end debate against us, I never said that it will be combination of RPG and FPS. How you mixed this, it is weird. Even when I wrote to you that I still have no idea how you guys are discussing RPG elements here.
And even after I wrote that you again mixed and added in the combination RPG.

But thank you for your kind input and I appreciate your reply :slight_smile:


Again you didn’t read my full reply. I wrote console variable (cvar) where you can change and turn that on/off.
Please next time read carefully and think before you write reply.


In regards to implementation for initial testing, I think the first step would be for me to finish up the game mode system, and have that system allow for adding additional teams and configuring them via attributes, and further add classes/weapons/upgrades/buildables.

After that, I think among the quickest simplest ways to get a third team working in-game with minimal new asset requirements, just to get an idea on how the general idea works out, and the general issues we might have to address after seeing it in action, is to implement RCZ’s robot team. It uses the same human player model, but has a distinguishable skin.

We could then try a team that is based at least in part on the original “droids” team (the predecessor to the alien team we are more familiar with) from when Trem started as a Quake III mod. We could use existing alien models but with new skins, as place holders.

After that we may have a better idea on what to do for a third team, maybe sticking with the “droids” and/or “robots” as at least options, and/or going in a different direction with a completely different team, but in any case after we settle on the overall aspects of this third team, we would need someone to make new player models for this new team. I have virtually no experience in making models for games, however, as I understand it, making organic player models from scratch are among the most involved kind of models to make. We would also need new assets for any buildables (if this team has buildables), weapons, upgrades, etc where applicable.

I am interested in seeing sooner or later a game mode that is a port of the 1.1 zombie mod, and we could try with that tacking the zombies on as a third team (just to see how it plays). Another thing to consider, a third team doesn’t have to be a “proper third team”, for example we could just keep the current human and alien teams, and make it so that the ungibbed corpses of both teams can become zombie versions of the killed class, controlled only by bots, and would attack both living humans and living aliens indiscriminately.