GrangerHub's Mind-altering Movie Night Redux Fridays


Let’s have movie night at a later time, this Friday at 9PM EST. See you then!


Tonight we will be watching the 1971 cult classic “The Point”. The showing will begin in 21 minutes, and I’ll post the link to the room shortly before it starts, so stay tuned!


Ok, change of plans. It turns out the video link that was found of The Point was an altered version and not reasonable watchable. So tonight’s movie will be Gandahar (not to be confused with Two and a Half Men):


Here is the link:


Quote of the night:
"I was will be ready!"

The moral of tonight’s movie:

don’t build a superbrain and dump it in the ocean

Next Friday we’ll be watching:


Very awesome film :slight_smile:


Tonight’s movie night is going to be starting shortly, here is the link to the movie room:

Tonight we will be watching:


Was Re-animator already watched, or is that for next friday?


Doh, yep, I mean that tonight we are watching:

We watched Gandahar last Friday, and it wasn’t that great, lol.


Here is an EST clock link:


For those that missed our wonderful video tonight here is a YouTube link.


Quote of the night:
“Don’t expect it to tango; it has a broken back.”

The moral of tonight’s movie:

Getting a head start in science to get a head has it’s disadvantages.

Re-Animator is definitely a timeless classic :wink: . We haven’t selected the movie for next Friday yet, so feel free to post more suggestions while GrangerHub’s Highly Qualified Top Secret Official Team of Movie Enthusiasts™ are still deciding!


Movie suggestions:

  • Army of Darkness
  • Necronomicon


Tonight’s movie night will be starting in about 4 hours from now, we will be watching:


Tonight’s movie night is going to be starting shortly, here is the link to the movie room:

Tonight we will be watching:


Quote of the night:
“Tax Driver: Did you find what you’re looking for Mr. Lovecraft?
H.P. Lovecraft: Lets say, it found me.”

The moral of tonight’s movie:

It is inadvisable to wonder off into the Vatican’s basement, you may find your privileges revoked.

Keep the movie suggestions coming!


Tax Driver.


Movie Suggestions

For next week

  • Taxi Driver (as suggested by helping bot) Correction:
    Cannibal! The Musical (1993) as suggested by romdos earlier
  • Naked Lunch

For the week after next:

  • Phantasm
  • Scanners


That was a joke on Sparky’s quote.


Oh, lol, well I think it is best that I don’t correct it now :wink: . I thought that you were recommending Taxi Diver the movie too, but misspelled, lol.

We did watch that on a previous movie night (it was a good one). I have been listing all the previous movies we watched in the original post on this thread.