GrangerHub's Mind-altering Movie Night Redux Fridays



Tonight we will be watching:

Here is the link to tonight’s movie night viewing room:


Quote of the night:
“Captain, I see it is chairman now. It is quite amazing to see that such an intellectual sphincter like yourself can actually achieve such a prestigious position.”

The moral of tonight’s movie:

Beware of terrorists who enable slash noclip!


Wrestler - Andre the Giant Documentary


Tonight we’ll be watching:

Wrestler - Andre the Giant Documentary

Here’s our link:

Movie is being held off til 9:30 ET upon special request.


Quote of the night:
Vince McMahon: “When he passed gas, it was an event”

The moral of tonight’s movie:

IRL can be larger than the myths


Howdy everyone! We’re starting GrangerHub’s movie night in about 20 mins!
Tonight we’ll be watching TerrorVision!!

The link to the room is:


Quote of the night:
What the HELL did that HOMO do to the jacuzz’?!

(hint: he was Greek, and thought it was lube.)

The moral of tonight’s movie:

Late night TV is bad for your health


Tonight’s movie night is pushed back a little bit, to 10:00 PM EST. Tonight we’re watching some oldschool sci-fi aliens in:

This Island Earth

The link for the movie room is:

Seeya there!