In need of xserverx tremded


Yes, where do I get the code?


I reproduced this, It happened when loading a new map not the same map.

I'm guessing a bug in the cgame, it just hangs on the loading screen- but you can bring down the console. I was able to

@zmike when this happens do /reconnect. After that the map will need to be !restart'ed again.

The truth is, this qvm is really really broken- probably the tremded too. The only thing that seems to work correctly is the "zombies" themselves- The best thing someone could do is to port the bot code (and a few of the weapons) into my game code.


could you put the normal weapons in it,it would be better like that


and yes survival wont work not even atcs survival.missing the crossbow.and theres a real limit on the bots slots,do you know any way to mkew more bot slots for more zombie?


Rcon in sv_privateclients and set number the. !Restart
@blowfish I'll link you to github


how is the compiling the exe coming?


To be honest. We haven't messed with it yet. Working on the source crappy source right now.


do you know of any way to get survival working at all on zombie?


@zmike we got so many other projects going on we will get to it when we can. Send me the QVM you have, I'll change them out and see if it makes a difference.


link to the qvms i have


@zmike I loaded the QVM up you provided. If it causes the same issue then we're gonna have to look more into the bugs on this server. You can go in and test it now.


well it says his map does not support survival some crap survival need different layouts


wht other projecs you working on?


Ill add those z maps in a few hrs.


Web design projects


A new tremulous release


what ?





if you guys need any help 3d modeling tell me
if would be an honor to help