Lord's Application


thank you bro face miss ya <3


your opinion is respected :slight_smile:


sorry just see ur question ; for list of the servers i have been admin on is , AA BB GG wwf , tremspain ,wonderland, sv , D , vD, Fun , EBSF


6 posts in a row? There is an ‘edit’ button for a reason.


Being new to these forums maybe he was unaware. xD grangerhub is the only ones I’ve ever seen use these forums. Everyone else uses, phpbb, smf, zetaboards, invision, or vBulletin.


yes bro effect this is new style forum ^^


It’s peaceful here.


You forgot theses:

Anyway, good luck Lord and welcome to the community ^^

(Sry, I know the thread is maybe old(Tells me the latest post was 26 days ago D:), but it’s not locked and didn’t seem finished.)