Map release: Tremor remake


You mean that use “hint” or “hintskip” common brush? :confused:


Hint. I probably nigged up on the actual pictures though, but you get the idea.


Hmmmm… Idk if Unstoppable is annoying the vis or someone else and will put “hint” to better.


I don’t think unstoppable needs any hint brushing, maybe around the middle if you want to have a lot of BPs. I wouldn’t recommend high BPs in very small maps either way.

I’d recommend you to read this:

The thing with small maps and simple geometry is that the vis will be almost perfect on its own and shouldn’t need to be fucked with but it can always be optimized (but is not worth the hassle if you’re going for a 2% performance buff.)


Unless I can make a layout for uBPs or make a varies pk3 files with different .bsp file (one unlimited BPs and one limited BPs) to render it.

If there’s no need to put “hint” in Unstoppable, the result of rendered will be choppy in FPS?
If I made “hint” in Unstoppable, the result of it will be running smoothly?


The use of hint brushes wouldn’t be of much use on it, aside from maybe making blind corners and making the renderer load the entities from a bit closer to where they really are, an example would be:

On this, only 1 and 4 can see eachother. Without the hint brushes, 1 and 2 would maybe be able to see eachother, but definitely not 3 and 1, and not 2 and 4. There is a basic vis sheet generated when you compile your map (assuming you’re using -vis on compilation, and you should be.)

Basically, the problem is if you’re in area 2, the client won’t render anything that is in 3 (No sound emitted from 3 will be heard, and nothing present in 3 will be seen on radar.)

So, it does increase performance but annoys some people because of the fact they can’t see what’s in 3 on their radar. The default vis in this case is most likely totally fine since it allows the radar to have enough freedom but still cuts the vis in important spots.

To make it very simple, if you do make those hint brushes and humans build a wall of rets in area 3, it will only render when you get out of area 2, in human base. You can also use areaportals inside of doors to make the door itself block the vis, but it isn’t used a lot on trem as far as I know (open the door without knowing there’s a rant just right behind it RIP)

Note that hint brushing is mostly used to hide complex map geometry that requires better performing computers, not entities themselves.


Well i Know how to Hint. The Problem is the radar.


I know I was only explaining for billy. I was saying in the first post w/ pics that you could maybe hint but keep a little bit of the corner available for radars so it’s not totally a blind corner and humans can get more time to react around them.


Yeah, i will do some smaller corner hints and lets See how it will work out.


Version 1.2 released. See first post. :gift:


It is looking very awesome :smiley: !!!

Tremor_2016 Version 1.2 is now available to play on the GrangerPub server, on the GrangerClub server, and on the test7341 server!


You should review the boxes disposition in your remake’s box room and compare them to the original, and try to figure out how it affects the gameplay for alien building.

Absolutely clip the pipe on the left of alien front entrance so they can wallwalk over it easily, or it’s a huge pain in the ass to defend base. Also, same problem with the pipe wall right in front of H default. The fans on the ceiling could use a bit of clipping aswell.

The pipes in the underground provide the annoying niveus hall effect (tight & pushes up against the wall because it’s ramped). Could use a tiny bit of clipping maybe.

The slow doors are a big problem in the original tremor and they are yet more annoying in this version.

Human and alien defaults are good. The noise in alien base is extremely loud and makes me feel like I got my ears in a blender, maybe lower the volume.

I think the plants in pots on top of dirt look weird to me but I would understand if you don’t want to change it. You should make the pipes lying around in that room nonsolid, or clip them to be less annoying.



I just got back into Trem modding. If you could recompile the map with -deluxe, I can write an mtr file for you.


Welcome back Odin. Have the mighty Norse gods finally decided to awaken you from your eternal slumber?


Datacenter is still not complete :(.


@Matth Yes please. This.


By the way, this map seems to have lightstyles(which makes it more difficult to make an mtr file), but I’ve no idea where they’re actually used. The lightstyle shaders even have no special parameters in them.

EDIT: It’s the engine lights outside the forcefield in the alien base. This is a very minor effect… would you be alright with compiling the map without it? I want to extend the graphics in this map but the lightstyle shaders are a huge pain(I have to make materials for every one of them).





Wanna collab on glsl shaders?