Modular Aliens


Hello, @HelpingRobot!

Yes, the point of being an alien is evolving where the alien wants to. But! This makes them quite independent of their bases- their Defence structures are pretty weak, so an alien just dies, and base with him, when he is being chased.
But! What if only the original forms may be evolved outside of the base, and the “armory” will be needed in some range within of an alien willing to buy the upgrades for their frames? That will make aliens stay around bases more!
About the booster- what if when evolving into the "booster creature"™, he transforms into quite big stationary alien, that can give out poison, but to a max of three aliens, and those aliens will be linked to it by a visible thread?
Also, the structure should have a limited ghosting ability- it can free fly in spec-like mode, in a small range.
I guess, that’s how I see it:slight_smile:

Edit: after seeing @lamefun’s idea of collecting alien parts, what if aliens of the small frame could buy an upgrade that allows them to control human corpses, but losing their abllity to atack at all. Those ‘zombies’ would move at a pace of a crouching human, have random weapons, and won’t be targetable by turrets. But they will have only 50 hp and be covered in blood.


We don’t want to fully encourage camping however this isn’t a bad idea. :slight_smile: With that said, I sort of have to say that why not have buildables that allow you to upgrade? For example you need to build a special building that will give you a branch of options for upgrades.

This is a pretty cool idea, perhaps it could work. :slight_smile:

The structure? If you are talking about the Booster_Mobile500000, having the ability to see through walls or like you are a spectator with no-clip can seem a bit OP, however we can have it limited on how many uses, how long it takes to use it and more.

Why not instead have a some-what pricey module in evos that will allow you to control dead human bodies, you’ll have to be close by and what will happen is you’ll have control of the human and the following abilities that you’ve listed plus a few extra. Also being in this mode should make you hide in the ground and take at least a little less damage so you are not 100% vulnerable.


@HelpingRobot, I will be very greatful, if you could expand on your vision, with full description. :slight_smile:
Your ideas are great, as usual, and expanding them will be nice.
This way the most optimal path will be easier to find.


This comment is about the Nades, the humans need sticky explosives !:sunglasses:


I think I should bump the topic a bit. Humans now are extremely versatile, while aliens are stuck with no options. Paired with ranged attacks style humans, man’s hunting pack, optimized and working together is unstoppable. Paired with jet packs and jade launchers, humans are basically invincible for larger bioforms of aliens, while small ones lack the pinch to take down even lightly armoires jet packs. Jets don’t fall down now, so aliens in open maps are just target practice.


I agree with a bump. Aliens need new toys to play with.
Here a small suggestion wall I would have in mind:

Maybe we could subdivide the aliens into three or four subclasses as well as how I would subdivide the current aliens along with some new names for some evolutions and possibilities for some monsters variant of aliens.
There is also a small description of what the aliens should be doing or looking like.


– Regular dretch.

– Regular Basilisk

– Regular Marauder

– Regular Spitfire


– The regular ol’ dragoon

– A bipedal creature with arms in the form of dragoon’s legs with blade-shaped bone at the end of the arms. (Basically the same as the tyrant’s arm. But a little bit smaller.)

Mind Weaver
– A mind controlling/altering creature that can produce illusions or force a human to go in a certain direction for a few seconds.

– A giant dretch with way more arms as well as with blade like bones at the end of each arm. (Inflict a lot of damages and grabs on the target. As for the battlesuit it would break the grabbing if destroyed in the attack.)


– Old regular tyrant, like always :stuck_out_tongue:

– A giant sized reaver with a dragoon like legs pattern. (Like a tyrant but with four legs instead and way more spikier arms.)

– A bipedal like creature with massive force. (Basically a siege creature.)

– A floating creature which can transform into an object it has seen in his current life. (If it dies the current object list he can transform as is reset to the default alien low-level buildables.)


– A mix between a basilisk, a dragoon and a dretch. (Imagine a giant spiky Dretch.)

– A big poison-filled sac that would provide either poison(limited) for allies or would explode into a poison cloud/puddle when dieing.

Guargantuant Ravager
– A monster-sized Ravager with a bone spiky plating covering the entire body. (Would cost a shit ton of evolution points, but would provide a solid tankiness when achieved.)

Tyrant Lacerator
– A mix between a tyrant and the lacerator. God I would not want to be the human making this monster angry… (Would cost even more evolution points than the Guargantuant Ravager.)

I know a lot of these ideas might sound broken, but with proper balancing and the add of new features on the human side to counter such aliens would make it really great.

And with the current human features, a few of those aliens would definitely help balance the gameplay a little bit more. (Yes I still remember that OverPowered lightning gun :stuck_out_tongue: )

Anyway, here’s my little ideas for the aliens.

We really need more things for aliens and it would fit the modular alien principle.