New Player Model Customization


Wow so many models, so little time…


FYI, the above bugs have been FIXED.


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I have a few questions:

  • Why can’t players set the models themselves? I expected a character selection menu like the one in Quake III: Arena.
  • What about Aliens?
  • Could you make the model not obscure the center of the screen in third-person mode?


@enneract I think the plan is to let users select their models with a /model command and admins allow users to select certain models with the /flag command. @blowFish is working on this.
As for third person mode, there are bunch of cvars you can set if you tab when you type /cg_thirdperson like distance and shoulderview modes. But I agree it doesn’t let you see all over the model.


currently, we only made cg_thirdperson not categorized as a cheat, the other related cvars can’t be adjusted outside of DevMode, so as to not be able to gain an unfair advantage by look around corners. We will probably change the settings further to make the third person view mode more viable (but still limited).

We do ultimately plan on having the available models set in a ui menu by the players. Additionally, we plan on having such extra models be unlockable rewards in a karma system.


Sparky, /setu model and /model is not working for me, it’s broken, and transform command is permission denied for me too. :’(

So any other have new command yet?


Billy, I am working on it- I plan on having a full overhaul of admin flags by the next dev game.


Ok. I’ll waiting for your reply. :wink:


Actually the game is totally unplayable in 3rd person mode, so it’s should not be allowed anyway. Maybe as you said in a UI people should be able to see themselves during character selection.


There are times when third person can be very helpful for game play purposes. I found that for most of the obstacles on the map Mission Edge, playing in third person is advantageous over first person, since you can see where your feet are. I think third person mode can be tweaked more.


How about Borat in his mankini?


So, what’s the progress right now or is it complete?

I requested a couple of models like a week ago and I haven’t heard anything about them.


This *1000



Great models.


You should also make sure you can’t change models while spawned in the future. I can clearly see someone fucking with it mid-fight to disturb people.


I think the idea must be to select a model with the respective skin, and it only changes when the player dies and respawn.


That’s also a valid way to do it.


blowFish is working on improving the flagging system, so that it would be more straightforward for non-admins to use.

For the recent tests we have cute back on the number of models since as the downloading for the models currently work, everyone has to download every possible custom model they don’t already have when they join, and the total download size was getting pretty large. The download process for custom models needs to be improved.

We might be trying out some of the other suggested models in the near future though, and when the downloading is improved for the custom models, we will try even more simultaneously.


Bundle them up into 1 pack maybe?

As an aside note, I realize that part of the alure is that you hit a server and do not normally require any downloads, save for a few choice servers.

^^ Assmued reason that doing “server-side” only mods is less taxing on the client.

Source engine mod’s (Garrys Mod) blatantly ignores this by emposing many many downloads, but then still leave’s you with a Ton of mising assets in-game.

Last point, I’ve not heard many complaints about the downloads being an issue for people (they are rather small packages), and more people seem to want “more” toys to play with.

maybe make a poll so we can see actual numbers.

PPS, at some point, an semi-pure change will be required for the server; something that would allow people some flexibility in what server assets they can afford. This, along with an “cg_noCustomModels” type cvar should be road-mapped accordingly.


  • extra model’s should be “opt-in”
  • extra model’s should be client-side enable/disabled and fallback to correct models in the latter.
  • semi-pure server could allow for visual mod’s to be used on a pure server (if you wanted Lucifier cannon to shoot smily faces that no-one else see’s, why not?)

PPPS, Fixing up the client to alow “concurrent” or “simultaneous” downloads would be a great addition- so you could download 5-10 different packages at the same time, instead of the serialized approach the engine uses now.