They work exactly the same as in-game, they point and they shoot and they miss (other than the fact that they don’t have infinite ammo). If a turret IRL can’t see you that doesn’t mean its bullets are going to turn. You can exploit where it is placed.

That’s where the prime example of aliens base comes in, humans will have to rush in eventually and they’ll run into more defense.


Turrets IRL are not the same as in game, someone from the military actually said that they would not recommend turrets under any circumstances.


When it takes a human less than a second to kill something and an alien 20 seconds to kill 1 thing, that’s a problem.


Turret in-game: shoots at the enemy
Turret IRL: shoots at the enemy
both exploitable if positioned badly or can be in almost any position sometimes?

That’s not fully the case, we have high HP aliens, while sometimes it may be a problem alien rushes do exactly fine in-fact the alien with ration can sometimes be more than humans.


1 human vs a group of 50 acid tubes vs 5 aliens against 50 turrets, the human could destroy the acid tubes way faster.


1 human vs 50 acid tubes, if placed in good places is not easy to all kill and defiantly not quickly. Same with aliens against turrets it’s mostly on placement and how you handle the threat of the buildable.


Why not test this today at 11 eh?


It depends on the weapon, also reload time as well. Lets not forget the fact that aliens do have high HP and quick movement?


It depends on the weapon, also reload time as well. Lets not forget the fact that aliens do have high HP and quick movement?


Also considering the fact that a rant loses to a suit-less human fairly easily?


Yet the suit isn’t just easily sell-able with full money back and costs a lot, given I’ve killed a lot of suits with dretches, its not all 100% impossible.


Suits imho are the most useless thing in the game at this very moment in time.


Well, perhaps there could be changes if you don’t really like them suggestions are always good to help improve the gameplay. :slight_smile:


Even with changes, the suit restricts so much movement and capabilities that you are basically a sitting duck.


Not to mention the fact that unlike everyone else in tremulous, I have the cg_thirdperson’s default value set to 1 instead of 0. The suit blocks off half that screen along with rant. I really don’t care how much the suit is changed, if it’s overpowered, if it’s a lot weaker, the suit is the biggest flaw that I have ever seen in this game, sorry.


cg_firstperson 1 is the main gameplay for Trem at the moment, though perhaps maybe there could be something for third person players. :thonk:


Thirdperson is currently cheat restricted, I don’t think you’ll have much of a problem out of that other than from me and someone else.


Not on GrangerLab.

I used to be a 3rd person player 24/7 so I know how it goes.


yes it is


Oh, I thought it was allowed.