it used to be, it was later restricted due to unfair properties it came with.


So a lot of this talk will be about 1.3 gampeplay, and you are saying bsuit is bad because you play 3rd person, and 3rd person isn’t allowed so technically you play 1st person?


I’m saying even without thirdperson, battlesuit is useless to me. I don’t technically play firstperson either, “cheat restricted” just means you are unable to change it’s value from it’s default value, but since I set that value to 1 I have thirdperson even in cheat restricted areas.


Ah, I see.


If I went to a server now, and typed cg_thirdperson, it would say cg_thirdperson is “1”, the default.

For everyone else (except for 1 other person) it would say cg_thirdperson is “0”, the default.

1 meaning thirdperson is activated and since it’s cheat restricted i can’t set it to 0,

0 meaning thirdperson is inactive and since it’s cheat restricted it can’t be set to 1.


Third person is allowedon GrangerLab and on Unitremia, it is just that switching that value is buggy for 1.1 clients like Tremfusion.

Regarding how targeting by buildables work (like the ret, tesla, trapper, slime, tubes, and hive), only the origin of a player is targeted. So even if you might have a part of your player bbox exposed to an enemy defensive buildable, if your player origin is being blocked by something, that buildable would not target you. However, if a buildable’s bbox is sticking out, with its origin still blocked, a player could figure out how to hit the visible part of the buildable bbox.

Something that may help, and that is on the TODO is we could make use of a spheres and capsules for many buildables instead of bboxes, which would be far less exposed.

Another possibility is to have the buildables check bbox vertices if the player’s origin is not visible. This might mean more traces though, where at long ranges takes more processing, and could impact server performance.

Regarding the current mara zap, the zap can be initiated by hitting any part of the bbox, not just by having the target’s origin in sight. The visual zap trail however is connected between the origin of the mara and the first target, which is why sometimes it can look like you might be zapping through the walls. The secondary zaps in the chain, however, requires direct line of sight between the origins.


Something like this has been implemented since I last made that post, but instead of targeting the bbox vertices, the center of the bbox faces are targeted (it looked weird targeting the vertices considering that most models aren’t close to them). This feature has demonstrated to be very effective (even instances of turrets blocking each other have been greatly decreased) although so far it has only been applied to the turrets and tubes, but in the near future we will be applying this feature to the tesla, hives, and slime (I don’t think it would work well for trappers).