Possible Changes to the Basilisk


The main problem in tremulous’ tyrants (since 1.1) is that humans could not aim anything in front of them besides their allies :wink: (Just as a small exemple (Some players had it way worst back then. :slight_smile:): I stopped counting after my 2372nd death from being shot by a lucifer cannon, a rifle , grenades or even blasters.) I have to agree with Sayori that making healing cost evo’s is a little overkill.

What tremulous really needs (In my opinion.) is some balancing (it could also be nice to have scale-able values so it auto-adjusts depending on how many players are in-game playing. This way, the match would be even no matter what happens. What will make the difference is the players skills, which is lacking a little bit for a lot of players. (It’s not bad, not at all, we all have our forces in different areas, but some players are just better than others mostly because they have put a lot more time into understanding the game and getting better at it.)

Anyway, I don’t really think making healing useless or a pain to use will fix anything. In fact I’m pretty sure it will create even more problems.

Sure tremulous needs new content, the game’s never had anything new for a little over a decade. (Until 1.3 happened, of course.) But good content comes after the game being well balanced and made the best possible.


True. The tyrant is strong against riflers, but against a chainsuit combo or even just a chaingun with good dodging skills, it can’t do (sorry for the word) shit.

And put three riflers and he can’t do anything either.


I agree highly with this. I got topscore on the server just now but in the meantime, i killed atleast 5 teammates simply because they run infront of me to try to reach something. If it was possible to maybe reduce teammate’s hitbox it would help a lot with teamkilling.


Keep in mind that there was a common tactic with rants in both 1.1 and GPP, called “corner camping”, where a rant would attack from behind a corner when a human gets close, and then retreat, not giving even ranged weapons much time to deal damage.


Or maybe implement a disabling weapons for some time after X amount of damage dealt to allies. This way it would allow some punishing to those intended kills whilst providing a way to honest players to just practice their aim a little more to prevent this. (The damage dealt count could reset after a few minutes (5 maybe?).) As for repetitive intentional friendly fire the time the weapon is disabled could increase exponentially.

What if we added an inactivity system that auto-spectate or remove health/evo’s/credits after a short while?


While ranged weapons may not have enough time to deal damage without taking tons of damage, while the rant retreats it’s probably gonna die from how weak it is.


usually humans can run fast enough to catch up with the tyrant and kill him when on low hp. (And wasn’t there a backwards jump thingy since 1.2 and that is in 1.3? If yes, then it makes it easier, but balancing should fix the whole problem or at least allow for some time to sit back and spot the true problems.)

Such changes as the basilisk is good still, but balancing needs to be made for sure ^^ that is why alpha’s and beta’s are for anyway.


Not to mention that even at close range, a human can typically just run around a tyrant killing it fairly easily.


What I typically do for rant is charge constantly, since there is no turning restriction for using it. Run away while building charge, start the charge to make it look like you’re trying to run away, then turn around and do a charge/bite combo on a human. 2x the damage in a single attack.


(Don’t take this advice, I die a lot).

For basilisk, I sit around a corner while cloaked and when a human passes, chase it and start attacking it until it dies, find another spot, do the same thing.


Usually as a Rant (Or at least back when I played it somewhat good.), as long as you are over 130 hp or so, you are more than fine. When you get to that point you usually want to run back to base, heal and finish off the humans after having killed a few turrets, the defense computer (if still used as a shield) and maybe the armory. (If you die as a Rant after doing that, you usually have enough evo points to get back a tyrant ^^.)

But I get what you mean :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not good at all to be honest. I used to be somewhat okay. (I could kill spamo and menace a few times in the past :stuck_out_tongue: back when I used dummy names that meant nothing.) But yea, I get what you mean.


I prefer an old HvH mod tremulous had a long time ago, which Z was built from it (I have the client files, I don’t have the source code, which I think was never released). Definitely more balanced than the actual tremulous game itself.


Oh god. I miss it… D: Finally someone who remembers HvH!!!

But yea, the source code was never released I think or was taken down after the server closed and the repository did as well. I think it was a test project that turned into Z. It was the same person who did it if I recall. (Right? From what I recall he was called Adamas or something like that :stuck_out_tongue: )


Adama, he was my best friend a long time ago.

@avarthar if you want the client files, I have them. They work properly, its just that “Rebels” are Aliens.

(setting g_humanstage 1 or 2 and buying a adv ckit is actually the granger bite, to sell it you have to use /sell ackit, the regular ckit functions as the advanced should, sell it with /sell ckit)


I might try working on making a new HvH completely when I have more time. (probably this summer depending if I keep the same shifts or not. (If yes, I will be working during day on my projects ^^.))
I really miss this mod, but I’ve got so much things to do :stuck_out_tongue: My 3d Animated film that I want to do still, work so I can pay for my next course and so on.

But I will definitely take a look into doing that once in a while ^^


I’m sorry, but I died.


I mean, everytime I talked about it to those who still play this game, most don’t even recall before korx (and some don’t even recall korx either.)
I thought i was the one of the few only still playing this game remembering HvH :stuck_out_tongue:
And just to say, back then I used to change names constantly because I didn’t like any names I used in-game :stuck_out_tongue:
(I went from: vert642 (vert is green in french (I was young as fuck when I used it.) then I went to vampiricmoon (same story as vert642 but I had just found a passion to english an wanted to use it more and ended up with that while starting projects with a friend way back then.) Then it went to Avarthar, Terneth and DeathBeholder where Deathbeholder was just something me and my friend back then changed vampiricmoon to ^^. (Now I use Devasted World as for my “company” if we can call it that at this state. (Didn’t yet finish the paper to create it, but I’m gathering money to do so ^^.) and it’s not gonna change for a while. Even if I know that Devasted should be written as Devastated but it was the goal of the name to be actually partially wrong like the theme of it ^^.) Then I used Avarthar ever since.

I don’t know if you remember any of those old names, but well. I can’t remember the rest. (I think I had one for maybe a week where I named my self Guardian but even then I changed because I think back then someone was using that name.)

But yea, sorry for making you die inside for that :stuck_out_tongue:
I just miss the old times and HvH was part of those great memories. (GHub is great, don’t get me wrong and is on the good way to get the old time’s feeling back into the game. But I do miss those days where it was hard to connect to a server because of the amount of players.)


I do remember most of those old names, I was around for a long time. XD

I just didn’t expect you to know anything about where XserverX servers came from, finding that out and then you saying “FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE WHO REMEMBERS HvH!” was hilarious to me, don’t be sorry lol.