Proper Scrim Procedure & Etiquette


So give me an example where If I do a score it will change with the point system.
(= If I win 2 rounds, draw 1 round and lose 1 round I will get 7 point and you 4, right?)

Kill of the TIED rounds.

You didn't had 85 kill more because you rushed us, you had it because you were waiting in your base trying to get a draw. When we rushed your base you were at S1, while we were near S3. It's different get 90 kills imposing your gameplay than get 90 kills dreaming for a draw. With 3 chains vs 5 dretches you got the same score as Spamo on X. Congrs.

Infact RC jump should be forbidden.

This is Tremulous. If I want to play soccer, I go to the soccer field under my home.
Anyway I never saw something like this and I will never agree at it.
1v1 (penalty) in soccer are for a TOURNAMENT, for normal games you have 90 mins where you can win, draw or lose.


Read the thread,

If you can't provide something to back up your own ''argument'', why shoud I even bother doing it for you?

I disagreed with your view and you told me to provide argumentation to your own fucking words.


I know. I am making the point that kills are not indicative of success.


Yeah so should spawn killing amiright?

Thanks for your contribution.


In other words you have no suggestion.

Where exactly did I call you a mongoloid in this thread? That quote is out of context.

I asked you for a suggestion of duels, I'm not sure why you're so upset.


re for the N-th time: I disagreed with your opinion of 1on1ing and agreed with blizz, and proposed something which you completely overlooked because you were too busy getting pissed about me posting a picture that implied you did drugs. Clap.

I don't really give a shit.


RC jump is something that impose 1 member to camp, spawnkill is something that happens when I have an idiot builder (so my fault).

For a draw yes. But I prefer my second option.


I read it. Your troll picture made me think the whole post was a joke.

I've reread it at your request, and I think its an interesting option that we can explore alongside the duels idea.

  • doesn't like games ending in draws
  • wants to use a system that soccer uses to end draws
  • soccer matches regularly end in draws unless it's a tournament
  • ???
  • logic


This has nothing to do with what I like. I am trying to create a fun and competitive system of scrims.

That is not accurate. Soccer is a player vs a GK, I'm proposing a duel. The only similarity is that they both involve a 1v1.

  • Reading comprehension


Even better: we can use INSTAGIB mode. Or even better: we can play the tie break on Urban Terror. Or even better: we can move to LoL where there are not draws.
@Hero I'm with you and Bird (and I started to talk about those changes even before you), but don't start to become insane.


The only duel that seems somewhat fair to me is psawjet vs dretch.

Or rifle/lasgun vs adv. mara in small spaces, but people won't bother learning to mara.


I'll get Rhez into PMW


Considering I edited bird's original post before submission, I'd say you're incorrect.

Excuse me?


Nono I'm correct

Let's see it from your point of wiev. Why 1v1 (and so 5 hours for decide who will win a normal scrim) isn't useless?


I believe it was initially @Dracone's suggestion, but @bird was the one who voiced the idea over voip. I made the argument that on balanced terrain (as you recommended, "small spaces") the fight was 60/40 in favor of the rifle. I think that adv mara might just be enough to balance the ratio. Thanks for the suggestion, I like it.


A shade adv. mara vs a wuffumz rifle would be 55/45 pretty much (because shade was OP as fuck), if you are looking for a viable comparison.

A good goon on UL (atleast, at the levels of UL (if that can even be a scale: the scale of faggotry randomization of hitbox sizes) we can witness these days) won't get danced, technical restrictions.

A goon vs shotty seems balanced because the shotty is always that close to getting the goon, but if you're talking high level players, in terms of actual kills, it is closer to a 80/20 or 90/10. (Unless you're actually playing on lagged which I doubt will happen.)

Flowww would've been glad to prove this point for me if he was still playing.


I agree with 80/20 on flat ground where the human's only option is to dance. Balanced terrain is key. There needs to be variable level changes (eg a slope).


Doesn't really help much, dragoon still reaches head very easily, just has to aim up slightly more. It could also just get the height advantage itself.

Stairs are amazing though. (Esp if it's like on the top bunker of Fort5)

Or more generally, bigger variations in height than just regular stairs and slopes.

Could be decent: Place the human on top of Fort5's bunker, goon has the choice of the way it'll come to engage. Once it enters the middle area it can't leave it.

Even better, I could make a very basic map just for this issue in particular if shottygoon is really the way you absolutely want to go.


Overwatch (The most recently released competitive FPS) has it's tied games essentially decided by an in-game coin flip.

If a draw is met, the winner of the coin flip gets to play aliens.


Made a little something quickly - don't have time to upload right now, but I'll upload it when I come back home. It has 1 room split by glass where each player spawns, and a TP leading to opposite sides of a mirrored arena. You just have to tell them to take the TP at the same time.