Proper Scrim Procedure & Etiquette


I'm adding nodes so aliens can get evoes... (oops). Also adding height to the outdoors sky so goons can pounce on top of pillars.

You'll have to spawn as S2 granger to kill a node then evolve to a basi etc. (3 nodes)

The map is testable on tomahawk's server atm.

Updated version (outdated now) (make sure to delete your first copy of the map if you want to test it clientside, if you had the older version on your server delete it too (@guigaabe))

Use devmap to test if solo or you won't be able to go past the spawn room.

The map is made to give credits/evoes without devmap but it's still a lot better if you can use it.

Actually made a thread for the map.


This massive tread now makes me not want to scrim. TL;DR like 99% of this


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No time evos have some benefits and flaws. It would make scrims a whole lot more fun and balanced for humans, but at the same time one could just camp on top of the rc until TL, since aliens will still be dretches halfway through the game. IDK though, seems like a good idea cuz I'm pretty sure no clan would do that.

INB4 Hat gets insulted.


the game isn't "balanced" statistically btw whether it's a scrim or not. aliens will win ATCS, or any symmetrical map like that, around 60/40. i'm sry that Fk, a sample size of 1 clan, is having problems with dragoons but deleting time evos which is the only mechanic that introduces tension into the game is not the answer to that. ( :


My god people still replying here. No one even scrims anyways


Jaeyong from AoD? The last time you scrimmed was well before 2011. Any remotely competitive player these days knows how painful time evo scrims play out. Aliens will always camp for a few time dragoons and with vocal communication and teamwork will 9/10 times clean up an s1 human squad without a single death. Dragoons run rampant in stage 1 matchups on ANY map. That's why so many people camp which eventually resulted in the 1w1t victory clause.


u've been playing for 5 years and haven't figured out how to buy armor and crouch? ^^

w/ a team of 4 noble trem soldiers in 2 minutes u have armor and 2 shotguns, in 4 minutes u have armor and 2 shotguns and 2 chainguns. this is not an issue of changing trem. this is about u not turning to spaghetti when u see a dragoon in ur internet war games.


What do you do if they keep running away from you, all while still gaining free goons? You can't kill their base with chainguns and shotguns and with all your squad outside of your base they will kill your base.


fucking git gud


Rush: send the whole team near alien base, if they run away, a psaw guy rush in while the rest of the team fall back to protect your base.

At least, you will destroy some tube/trapper/ or egg and their base will be weaker.


With what money


And they will get a goon vs naked rifles.

But I agree that humans have to rush fastly before 2 mins


hi ckit and thx for ur response ^^ it was very responsible lol.

i am not ordering u to equip chainguns i'm explaining how many time credits humans can get b/c the focus seems to only be on "muh goons." well if u eliminate time credits (again the only thing that adds tension to the game) goons are still good. oops.

however ur question itself is malformed for a simple reason: trem is not played via flowchart.

btw if u don't believe s1 humans are enough of a threat to kill a couple eggs u should never leave base to begin with.


You leave the base at S1 to gain map control and favourable harvesting positions to attain stage 2. Stage 1 egg killing is possible but is more appropriate with a rifle or lasgun not with a shotgun and chaingun as you suggested.


haha i never suggested u to buy chainguns to kill eggs, ur arguing with urself


i.e. spawn camping? :wink:


I am asking you what the answer is.

Question is malformed because you cannot answer it? To simply imply an answer is incorrect as you previously stated would assume you know the correct action. Few games are a "flow chart", but certain actions can be countered by general executions or strategies, and then may become part of the "meta"


Accept ur loss because you were unable to kill dretches with 3 rifles?


An entire games result being based of a single encounter at the start of the match sounds awful. Many professional games have taken considerable steps to reduce "snowballing" in their games and removing time evos appears to do just that. Although I think time evos actually had the opposite intention, it rewarded players who were behind (not getting kills) with a chance to get back into the fight.

League of legends rewards players with ending "killstreaks"
CSGO has a round based system, after 15 rounds teams are swapped and money gained is wiped from both teams.

"Snowballing exists in nearly any game where resources give you more resources. Or, to put it in a simple form: wherever you can use money to buy stuff which gives you more money"

When you have enough to buy a goon you can then easily acquire more goons


Snowballing is fun though if it requires actual skill and effort compared to sitting inside of your base... The problem is removing timed evoes will fuck the game up just as much but in a different manner. (Aliens get 3 goons, humans sit in base, back to the beginning.)