Random Dev. Shots


Best joke ever. Maybe ‘modifed’.


Karith is already perfect. you cannot improve upon that. 8) nexus is also up there with best tremulous maps out there. niveus was reworked i think by GMOTW, which is completely disgusting. someone should rework uncreation if they are so devoid of creativity and must base their work off of other maps.


U mean ATCS 87?

WRONG: Experimental NIGGER rebalancing +QOL clipping and stuff like widening vents so adv gramgers can fit and shit

I would also like to precise it was to get rid of the cancerous new edge arachnid version in the rotation which had an invincible alien default base and other retarded stuff


I am one of the players who is beyond tired of playing atcs so much, but still I have to admit that Odin’s rework of the textures/shaders/etc of atcs that also makes use of of advanced features of the OpenGL2 looks pretty epic, and I might not mind playing it.

But as a side note, the Uncreation map can use major improvements in the game play (not just in appearance), as it is the second worst default map after atcs (inb4 atcs is best most holy and perfect map that can ever possibly be made outcry :wink: ).

But I digress, keep the random dev. shots coming!


I’d love to work on those but ATCSHD ships the .map in the pk3. All the maps you listed(in fact, all 1.1.0 release maps) lack the .map source. Retexturing a map without the source is a royal pain in the ass, because you have to decompile the BSP, which lacks certain important map data that is needed for q3map2 and discarded after compilation(light entities for example).

I just want to put my eX repack to the test. If I like the result I’ll think about doing something more in depth in the future.


Really? I could have sworn there were 2 default maps that had the .map shipped with them.

Also, about the ATCS pics you posted a few posts back, what brightness were those taken at? The alien base foyer picture (the last picture) looks really dark, and it might be a bit rough on the eyes or hard to see. I could just be completely wrong and it just looks that way because it’s pictures on a forum rather than in-game for me personally, but it might be something to think.

I’m not going to argue that ATCS is the best default map, but there is absolutely no way to validly argue that Uncreation is better than ATCS in terms of gameplay, which is the most important part of any map.

In the coming days/weeks, I’ll try to get up some dev shots of the super secret map I’ve been working on. I haven’t even talked about it on the forum at all, so only a handful of people know about it. I’ve got a couple hallways to connect, texturing to complete, and detailing to do (including all of the lighting) but I’ll try and push it out by the end of the month.


WIP, almost done.


Something new. :slight_smile:


Another something new. :nerd:


Why advertise something that doesn’t, and probably never will, exist?


As you can see: UTCS UD 1.3 already exists.


Why waste time being vain?


I meant Tremulous 1.3, not the map.


Trem 1.3 contains of many parts. This map is just another part (my contribution btw). How about you contribute another part to finish the cake?


looks awesome odin.

any plans to work on datacenter?


no, it’s a gigantic horrible mess


rip ??


Some more stuff from the map I’ve been making. Having a bit of trouble getting the lightmap to look right near the light with the grate in front of it.


That Bsuit reminds me of the days of when I tried modding Doom 3 to remove all the specular shit and instead I made it worse.


That’s because when you have no specular map textures, everything will have full specularity, making it appear too shiny.