Random Dev. Shots


I think it’s actually an issue with the way cubemaps add to the specular light. With a specular map that’s full black it can still appear that way.


WRONG. (it depends on the implementation.)


i think you know what coming next >>>>


OMG! Aliens have obtained telenode building capabilities!


What’s that new mapping? I can’t wait it… :smiley:


Remake of fort5!


Oh yeah, now I see it :smiley: ! That is going to be pretty awesome with the eX texturepack.

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original material plox


@faceman any material plox. What year was it that you last released a good map?


@faceman more Random Dev. Shots plox :smiley: ! ! !


When you are done with Fort5, could you please remake Uncreation (so that it is actually fun to play)? I would say that of all the default maps, Uncreation is the one that needs a serious makeover the most, and I don’t think anyone has even attempted remaking it.


inb4 it’s still shit with death gaps and tight long halls, but hey atleast it’ll look good.


Oh man stop making Meajong EXPLODE xD


I want kaiji_starside hotel matthly redone!


Hate that map :">


Omg yes please, and with the eX texture pack!


a reason to remake it better!


Then make it good, add a couple more hotels :wink: