Random Dev. Shots


Welcome @CATAHA! Those shots look slick!


Slick? What do you mean? Sorry, english is not my native language and I have no practice long time. )


It looks good, very nice!


Ah, I see =) Thanks for explanation. Only thing is finish the beta version and ensure that layout is nof f… emm… playable. =} I hope that’s won’t take long time.


Awesome, welcome to the forums @CATAHA ! I am looking forward to trying your map out in-game when you release :smiley: !


I’ll try finish the beta version asap, in I hope it’ll be before xmas. :wink: Don’t expect too much, I’m not a pro mapper. But at least I can promise non-boxy map with well aligned textures. ))


Hi @CATAHA , welcome to the GrangerHub forums. :slight_smile: Those maps look pretty cool, I would like to try them out s00n™ on Trem. :wink:


I believe those are all screenshots of the same map :slight_smile: .


Oh, right I meant I would like to try it out. :slight_smile:


Hi @CATAHA ! Welcome to our forum! :smiley:

And your mapping was pretty nice! :wink: :+1:


Hi @CATAHA, I can’t wait to see the final result. You’re a really good mapper ^^

Welcome to the forums and have the greatest of time with us.


Final result won’t be hugely different except some details and obstacles like crates, etc. Still have some issues with the huge room on alternate route, I still don’t know what to do there. %) I trying keep gameflow smooth and straight, but big poorely detailed rooms makes me sad. I have some ideas to replace that room with something else, but… Anyway. I hope I’ll post some new screenies and Beta1 map asap. =}


Moar indev screenies. The main structure is mostly done.


It’s starting to get along quite well :slight_smile: Still got the wrong textures, but at least the form is getting built quite well :stuck_out_tongue:
I got about 20 to 40 minutes left today to work on it, but I’ll try to get an ok wall at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Got one side a little better now. I ended up not adding map walls yet. As for the red cube, I’m still trying to see on getting a glass for a room I’ve put there :stuck_out_tongue:


might that be what i think it is?


NetRadiant? Yes :stuck_out_tongue:
A Map? Also yes :stuck_out_tongue:


Laser sight for shotty

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