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When we open a second GrangerClub server, both would have scrim on at all times, so that they could only be used for clan purposes. Once the initial release occurs, it would be highly likely the player base would increase, and more highly active servers could support the playerbase. To be viable, Tremulous needs a lot more active servers.


That poor baby.


I have a server up for the clan now. we can use it for cw’s. it’s european. :slight_smile:


That’s good and dandy but the ping change will prove difficult for both clans to adjust to whether or not one is predominantly European and the other isn’t. Keep in mind that you lot play on an eastern American server 99% of the time.

With that being said, I can’t speak for the rest of my clanmates but I personally wouldn’t be opposed to trying out a scrim on a European based server.

P.S. Welcome to the forums, @AxlRose .


Really? we should be the ones having to deal with it because we do so already? That logic is fucking retarded, even for an american.


Whether or not European hosted server Ping is favorable or not the fact of the matter is that you’ll still be experiencing gameplay changing ping. I didn’t say you had to deal with anything. It it an inevitable fact that every participant will experience ping change whether favorable or not.


bird that last post is contradictory to your last one:

Yes, absolutely true, but that doesn’t prove fuck all…

You didn’t? Oh right:

This sounds to me like you’re saying that because we play on USE already, we would have trouble playing on a server with less (read: better) ping (btw is this upcoming scrimserver unlagged or lagged?)

It might take me 2/3 days to get used to the lower ping, but i’m 100% sure i’d prefer it over the ~100 ping i get on east coast NA. Although i’d fucking cry myself to sleep if the server was located in East EU because i’d still get 100 ping if that was the case. (hint hint drop it somewhere in france for best connections for most eu players)

One problem i have with this though: even though it’s a scrim server i can see there being a lot of eu folks wanting to play on it while not scrimming as they get better ping, surely you wont force people off the server for playing on it if there isn’t a scrim on, that would be stupid, because you’d get lousy clans scrimming against each other without really trying, just to play with better ping.


Probably unlagged.

It would probably be in Germany, although France might be a possibility.

We would leave the scrim mode on automatically for this new GrangerClub EU server as well as for the current GrangerClub server in NYC.


Have fun playing the same 6 people ad infinitum.


There is a relatively large number of European players in the current Tremulous playerbase.


As always you miss the point. There are at most 6 skilled, active players. The rest are barely competition.


Having a European GrangerClub server would encourage more European players to become competitive, and encourage more new and returning European players to stick around and play regularly.


Europeans are generally better at videos games, so the ping handicap is welcome.


Tbh. alot of europeans prefer lagged then unlagged though. the way i remember it, there was always lagged on euro servers. i agree. a ghub EU server is absolutely something we need. specially for the ones that suffer from high ping.


I wish I lived in your fantasy world.


lowkey racism


I’m being realistic. Tremulous can’t stay in a status quo in its current state, making an assumption that Trem will remain as is is unrealistic. Trem will either grow or it will shrink. If we planned for a status quo, shrinking can be expected. GrangerHub is planning for and working towards growth, an outcome that is not only possible, but likely if we keep moving forward. Tremulous is a global project, and needs to be treated as such. Time will tell towards which direction the population and activity of Tremulous will ultimately take.


See my last response.

I am certainly not expecting you to revive tremulous. All I expect is for you to fix a few small bugs to improve overall gameplay, and create a healthy tremulous community that my clan and I can enjoy until we move on to bigger and better things. I do not care for the mods you’re planning on releasing, and I do not care for your fantasy of a revived tremulous. You’re biting off far more than you can chew. I am not trying to discourage you, I actually love that you’re trying. This is simply what I and many other believe to be true.

We shall see how I feel after 1.3 is released S00N™ amirite? Still waiting, bud.


I can’t even join it your server. Ping restricted.
Don’t like Australians eh? Too laggeh for ya.


Sadly i agree with hero. tremulous started losing it’s majority of players in early 2009. i’m not saying it will die completely. but there won’t be the same amount of population on trem in the future again. i still have the nostalgi from back in the days. cause there were so many players. so many different clans. however, i like your ambitions :slight_smile: i’ve always loved playing tremulous.