[SOLVED] Alpha version 0.9-0.13 crashed


I tried both map-trempoline-x-mas.pk3 and map-tremppnl.ok3 on my 1.3 client, it loaded fine without any crashing. What happens when you try starting the 1.3 client with those maps? (do you get any error message?)


I just started Tremulous a0.13 and got that as same as on screenshot below.


And yes, still got this error.


Which folder did you put those maps in?





Stop putting stuff in the folder that Tremulous 1.3 is installed in, keep it clean, lol! Only put stuff in the folders inside AppData/Roaming/Tremulous/ !


Awwww… Got messy again! :rofl:

I moved all of it to “AppData\Roaming\Tremulous\base” and it works. No bugs at all!. :slight_smile:

Thanks @dGr8LookinSparky !


I tried to join Unitremia server with alpha 0.13 and I got an error message like this:


I don’t know what exactly means of commands. Hope everyone understand.

EDITED: I tried 1.1 and GPP to join it, still even got error. Maybe it’s the server problem.


@BillyRazOr2015 remove old pk3’s vms-*.pk3s files from your %appdata%/Tremulous/trem_1-3_alpha003 folder, probably.


I’ll try it out