Spitfire: The New Flying Alien For The Swirl Game Mode


Thank you for your constructive feedback @Tofurkey , it is much appreciated, keep it coming :slight_smile: . I have just applied a bunch of updates to the Spitfire.

There was a bug with the airpounce stamina where it started with no stamina, but I fixed that and now you start with full stamina when you first evolve to the spitfire. Additionally I just improved the mechanics of the airpounce.

Idk, I have to think about it, and see how the zap attack works out more in-game as the primary attack. I was thinking that it would make the spitfire more unique, and still put an importance on the mara if you want to claw something.

That is fixed now.

what I did was make glide seperate from the default flying. so that when you are flying without hovering/gliding/pouncing, you can move backwards as well as strafe, but you still can’t ascend, and you still gradually descend if you don’t hover. Glide is activated by holding down on jump and aiming with at least some what of a downward pitch. When you glide without interuption, you can gradually accelerate up to a very fast speed.

if you activate the autojump (that is jump, release, and then hold jump before you land) while gliding, you can now skim along surfaces still accelerating up to glide speeds.

That is an interesting idea to consider, I would have to think about it, keep brainstorming some more suggestions of what might be good for an adv. spitfire (as well the current basic one).


We’ve tried it on edge during a long time and it was fucking op, so i’ll love this if this was not op again


Try out test7341’s spitfire @Meta.Staze and see, we are having development game right now!


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I don’t know what you are talking about XD


finally a flying alien like i asked for :slight_smile: now the jet campers can be dealt with


Hmm… now we’re talking! Finally we can mixup the game a bit with some new classes.

Just curious @dGr8LookinSparky, what was it that made you to create this? Also where did you get the concept/idea? Finally, can the zap be avoided with skillful jumping/falling?


Awhile ago I asked @MaeJong if a flying alien is something that mainstream Tremulous should have (for the Swirl game mode), and he said that it would be a very good thing to have if done right, and he recommended that we should look at the Spitfire from KoRx (which is where we got the name from).

I thought that the area effect omni-directional zap from the spitfire was an interesting feature, but I wanted to take it further making it something that would be easy to learn and use on a basic level, being something that could do more advanced things once mastering, while still not being OP against bases and that when used on a skilled level can still be countered by humans that would attack on a skilled level.

I got a lot of inspiration for how the basics of the flight mechanics should be (and shouldn’t be) from playing the hummel on Edge for many years (I was one of the best at playing the hummel if not the best). It was fun going into dogfights, navigating maps, and taking down powerful targets from all directions (that would normally kill the hummel). One of the main features of the hummel I like was the airpounce which for me was a must to include in the Spitfire. Although it could go too far in terms of spamming which is one of the main reasons I’m trying out airpounce stamina. Also I did want the flight mechanics to be much better for the Spitfire in many respects.

The hummel did have an overpowered barb (low damage but could fire at a high rate at great distances and unlimited ammo) that was not very effective in combat in most cases, but could take down a super fortress human base if the humans left it alone for 30 minutes. Needless to say, that would encourage human camping. I wanted to stay away from projectiles for the spitfire (but a better form of projectiles might be something to consider).



You mean lock-on autoaiming?! This thing’s broken and easy to abuse!

First, it has a ridiculously tiny hitbox. Then it has extreme mobility… (notably jumping, flying, wallclimbing.) Sure it has no high-damage output but the zap is too spammy and I believe that we should have less airpounce stamina. I rarely find myself using up the entire bar unless I want to purposely do it. This alien is nigh-unkillable using only rifles, meaning that weapons that could possibly counter it (like the massdriver) could never be accessed as humans cannot get credits. As you can see, the only way of possibly countering this is to prevent aliens from getting 3 evos or staying in hallways, but of course everyone can just pool together the evos to the best player…

Possible ways to nerf/balance:

-Increase the hitbox size
-Reduce pounce stamina
-Decrease zap rate (I mean the mara zap has lock-on autoaiming but at least that’s balanced since it can only be activated every few seconds)
-Decrease HP
-Move to alien stage two
-Provide possible consequences when hit (ex. the jetpack cuts out for a few seconds when hit), such as disabling certain functions of the unit.


Tbh I think the alien will be a lot more easier to play if it weren’t for its air friction.

Also please give a different name, since:

  1. Spitfire in trmeulous is known as the little dragonfly flying alien that flies like a spectator camera, with areazap, air sprinting (doubles its flight speed) and acid blobs.

  2. Hummel was known iirc, as the flying alien wraith from the flying alien wraith mod. Edge seems to have similar if not the same physics, and perhaps the code.

  3. Names get confusing to reference because if people ask “Do you know the spitfire from tremulous?” people will, eventually confuse it with KorX’s spitfire.

  4. KoRx’s spitfire was actually useful against jetpacks (LMAO, spitifre in test7341 turns out to be next to useless in large rooms due to its stamina)

  5. The spitfire in test7341 feels slow as fuck compared to its acceleration ability considering it’s a flying alien. seriously. This makes it feel really akward. At least decrease its air acceleration value and its friction value so it feels more logical.


Feel free to suggest new names :slight_smile:


Well going by traditions,

Spitfire -> WW2 Brittish Fighter

Hummel -> Nazi German Artillery vehicle

So perhaps we can try looking at some naval russian ships… wait i don’t think this will go well


Nope, that’s a slightly modded hummel, not a spitfire.


nice try but spitfires are caterpillars, u cant fool me clearly a hummel xd

another scary aspect of living life in australia


What features should the “ideal” flying Tremulous alien have? Note that overall we should be open minded, and an ideal flying Tremulous alien probably should not have all the features of any particular previous implementation of a flying Tremulous alien in the past, and probably should have some new features/aspects.

That is while there may be various aspects of Edge’s hummel, of KoRx’s spitfire, of any other previous flying Tremulous alien, our goal should not be to make close/exact versions of any of those, but rather a flying that is optimal, most awesome, and best for Tremulous.


Let’s name it SPUTNIK




Dare I say … _Spit_nik? :wink:



I propose a frail sniper-alien