The Nation of Stupidity



Lone wolf cause they have 1 active player

shuffle stawp


Yeah the naked guy is kind of like hiv, we're just sitting there naked watching U fight and run awai when you notice us.

I believe it is Blizz on the picture, trying to find his way into a scrim.


I'd be so offended if I was in your clan right now. That guy looks fat, ugly and stupid all in one shot.


Ya. U can all remain animals while we r actually part of the superior human race. Doesn't matter if we r fat ugly and stupid we are still ahead of U by thousands of years, GG no re.

Also hippos are fat, ugly and stupid aswell as sitting in their shit the whole day waiting for the sun to go down.


Not compared to other hippos


Ya U just ruined nos' dream of ever being good-looking, fit & smart gentlemen that have their feet somewhere else than their own feces.


o hello ckit



Keep calm and be FABULOUS*


dat burn, maybe NoS should get some EU members so they don't get rekt at this hour.


Face would actually be the zookeeper responsible for the hippos. <3 u faes


Say hello to hiv.


Ckit and I showing up to this topic.


HIV riding the nosboat:

HIV observing NOS tacticz b4 scrimscram:



Need I say more?


*<{ - after they play hiv and lose :frowning:


Someone start a clan mascot thread PLEASE.


There's the (unofficial) jit# clan:

Our mascot is the class we use most.
(Not necessarily our favorite class :wink: )

-- rlb


me showing up to this topic after my last post:

after reading it:

ROFL LOLololol



The last 20 posts on this thread are amazing.



My friend has one of those. We have alot of fun with him. :weary: