The Nation of Stupidity


Is my status going to be updated to active? I play Tremulous almost every day now.



i'll get right on that


Wheres helper bot your clan fan :(?


My local pizzeria offers Nos as a beverage..

Needless to say I no longer order from my local pizzeria..


watch ur mouth boy.

u talk crap about nos, ur talkin crap about marco brasil. don't be playin' with him, he will mess u up.

he kill men for less


I guess it's too much for you 8)


wow wat that timing tho

wusup brotporf

howe u do it


am doing just BAD


we have to promote this energy drink


marco does no killing he chooses your fate Marco is god!!



the energy drink promotes us

NoS will take over tremulous and then the world

we be like fifa and shit and swim in nothing but cash, pussy and qatari slave labour







owe a big thank you to spamo for his skills


We are saddened to inform you that, one of our newest members, Desala (formerly known as Player69) is no longer with the NoS team. His resignation was indeed unexpected, to all of us. We hope he will re-join our brotherhood one day, soon.

His last words were : ''your clan is shit''

' 'admin don't even cancel vote and this idiot is insulting my mother' '

R.I.P Desala you will be remembered


I like how this thread is the second most viewed. The first being the Desala adoration one of course.
NoS for the win! XD


thats a funny opinion considering it came out of his ass


Tippotino has applied for nos on the forums. Can you sort out all that application shit, face?


why bother with the comma there truck


What's a "comma there truck" and why should it not be bothered with?


bye ingar and khione


I'm departing NoS because I don't scrim and because I barely even play Trem anymore. Time for me to move on. Thanks Face and co. for the gud times.


welcome to NoS

remember, you're here forever