The Nation of Stupidity


cron has decided to seek fortune elsewhere :frowning: goodbye cron see you soon. (you can never leave nos for too long)


rip cron


welcome thug to nos
you have tried so hard to be in nos we decided to give up and let you in. gg

also ty for impersonatopsing me. ppl will think i am more active that way.


if he is the thug can i be zimmerman

im hungry for some skittles



Wow can't believe NoS is still alive.


hey baslick bob



NoS will outlive Tremulous


I remember back in [7yt], when face managed to piss the fuck out of Yanders by spawn camping him on ATCS. He just couldn't stop bitching in teamspeak whenever he saw him lols. Good times :}


ahahah good timess indeed


it's a bird :stuck_out_tongue:


goodbye tomahawk and rinspeed

we hope to see you on the battlefield



Afaik he gets on every few days if not daily.




Just magic


ahah Im on the inactive list! I need to come back... or nor! XD


yes you do

stop lurking


@faceman time to clean up the thread


time to clean up ur face




now i have a better reason to woop u on trem


what do you get when burrito plays tremulous

a shaking burrito

get it?

you see its funny because fuck you