Trem with the ioq3 gl2 renderer! pretty!


Playing with “cg_shadows”, setting the value to “4” gave me the the dynamic shadows on nearly every light source, including drawing shadow blob for your player model (note that its just a blob). However cg_shadows 4 is crazy harmful to your FPS. (per the ioquake3 documentation, it is long since deprecated anyhow. Though I do not see any alternatives available, doc linked below).

The pictured sunrays in ATCS are crap because I was fiddling with my vars too hard. they look way better when you fiddle less (PRO TIP).

Do not set “r_stencilBits” beyond 8, this causes crashes.

While writing the above post, I did finally see the file linked below. It outlines new cvars/related cvars to gl2 render capabilites + some old stuff that needed documentation in the first place).


What’s with the light rays being 16-bit colour-esque?


Looks great guys. Is there a guide to compiling this with GPP?


S00N :tm:


I finally got around to getting the new cleint compiled on my computer, here are some more pics of the new OpenGL2 renderer on some other maps:


A few more pics:


Some pics of the map xtremesurf2 taken with the OpenGL renderer on the new client:

Here is the Window room in Niveus, the window is actually noticeable with the new render:



Looks like shit on xtremesurf, half the map would be blinded.


that is when you are facing the sun, and have the sun rays turned on.


Great process ! :slight_smile:


Playing with renderer :slight_smile: