TremDroid HD GPP mod


Tremulous server is gonna be redead in a few months!

Have Fun :slightly_smiling:




lol :infD: new edge fun timezz


ya, i still rememberin’ that…


Hi Newsource. Could you summarise for me again, what is TremDroid HD?

I have seen some discussion in the development section but can you give a run down of the final version?



TremDroid HD is New EDGE based mod, actually they have more yalt’s EDGE atmosphere and some yalt’s EDGE features

So TDHD is mix of yalt’s and New EDGE


Oh joy. I’ve been waiting for the moment since my '13 return. Hasta la vista GHub I’m apart of NSHub now.


Hi guys…now tdhd has one FUCKEd bug…with bsuit…if some programmers is a PROPROGRAMMER, please help me :smile:

if you wanna download source of TDHD u can find it here:

if some wanna help me, i gonna be happy :slight_smile:


i can help out by testing maybe


Check bg_pmove.c and search for something related to weapon drop


Hi guys, as you know, Haphost terminated, my server too D:

But, don’t worry :slight_smile: in this sunday is begin TDHD devgame, all be invt be there, Join with us :smile:

So i fixed problem with my pc and i can host tdhd server in my pc :stuck_out_tongue:


what what what tremdroid? trem in android? how i can get it? what android i need use? i use 4.1.2


:D…omg lmao

TremDroid HD (not TremDroid, SO NOT TREM IN ANDROID, Trem in Android =



yayaya then i check it


Until the GrangerHub releases the new multiprotocol Tremulous client, you will need to download & install a gpp client to join gpp servers. You can use the gpp client available at <a href:“”>the top of’s download page under the heading “1.2 Beta - Gameplay Preview (3rd December 2009)”.


sorry guys i don’t like the gameplay of the game :frowning: I can’t shoot fine and idk if my phone can run it. ah for sure my phone is sony xperia s


sry english xdd


ah source good luck with TremDroid :slight_smile:


TremDroid HD is a gpp mod/server that is not available on android at the moment. It is still played on PCs and/or laptops using the gpp client.


hahaha lol