Tremulous Music Suggestions


@dGr8LookinSparky, I am really sorry, that I can’t do the music as fast, as I did, I met a few problems so far.
The music has to be different between the teams, yet it still has to keep the style that was set. It will take from two weeks to a month to finish, in the perfect conditions.
Sorry for the delayed response.


No problem, no rush, @AutumnLegends :slight_smile: . I know from personal experience that life happens sometimes :wink: . What you did so far is working our great, and when you have the next set of music tracks ready, I’ll add them in. I also have to get that code for your example situational mood track done :wink: .


Hm, I guess I did a nice little track.
It’s so strange, that I right better music when I am depressed, as a side note.
I think this will make a weird human win, or a draw.


Very awesome track @AutumnLegends ! Music can be a good creative outlet for all sorts of intense energies. But your should know that your other tracks have been pretty awesome too :slight_smile: .


This time, I wanted to create a win music for aliens. I tried to make it alien and extremely aggressive.
I actually spent a few minutes headbanging. :slight_smile:


Nice, that’s a keeper imo :slight_smile: !


The human’s loss track.
I think I have the themes for the teams, humans are modern electronic music, aliens are experimental music.


I have been thinking, that the styles I did so far are way too like pop music. All will be remade, all the previous records will be scrapped


Here’s a little something I’ve been working on for my short-films, If I end up getting into making a Tremulous one someday, I’ll maybe include it in ^^. (Depends on how I can fit it in a scene.)

Little side-note: This was made using LMMS (a free software that is close to the same as Fl Studio (I still prefer Fl on a few things, but LMMS has done great so far.)) and VSCO2 (a free instruments library and vst plugin that sounds just great for a free asset.)
Also note that the naming is not true to the current amount of orchestral musics done, it’s only the name used for the project on LMMS.

Link to the Mediafire link
Here’s the link since I couldn’t upload using the forum’s upload system. (Looks like it’s too big whilst its size is far under the maximum that the forum warning says.)


Finally, a thing I am happy with.


Very awesome :smiley: ! Would that be for humans?


It indeed sounds good ^^.
I would definetely like to see such musics in-game


Well. I think it will fit humans. :slight_smile:

@avarthar, thanks. :slight_smile:


Hm. I am not sure. But I have this suggested as an alien win


Another one I am quite happy with. I will make a full version of it also.


This one is a pair for the previous one.


Hello, everyone, may I please have some feedback on the work so far?


A two and a half minute loop. Pretty nice, in my opinion.Still willing to get feedback. What style should I do? Any thoughts will be heard and answered :slight_smile:


@AutumnLegends I’ll give this a listen when I get home in a few hours. Will you be around on slack later this evening?


Yeah, I will be around for about 4 hours