Tremulous Music Suggestions


Yeah, I think that’s a neat idea! I guess there can even be thematic sets to choose


Of course we would have to see to what extent we can go with trem’s current UI, it does have its limitations, but we should be able to accommodate something.


Well, I believe devs can do anything :slight_smile:


We just released a new version of the client that has the .ogg support enabled, so I will look into packing .ogg versions of the music before this Saturday’s dev games. Be sure to update your clients here: .


Today I have a full new set of three thematic melodies
This one is… Questionable.

These to are pretty cool, I think. :slight_smile:


@AutumnLegends I modified the intermission music system a bit, so that if one team wins, everyone hears that winning team’s winner music. So we aren’t going to need loss music (at least if we keep this approach). The kinds of music we would still have is: win, evacuation, and time limit. More information is on this post:


@dGr8LookinSparky, I got you. I guess I should get to work.


@AutumnLegends , I thought of another application of music. I recall that some mods (like BotsCamp, @ViruS made the music for that mod) would play brief welcome music upon first entering the server (there would also be a splash logo). I think it would be cool to have multiple welcome tracks to choose from (maybe up to about 15 seconds in length max?), and one would be randomly selected upon entering the server.


To add to sparky’s previous post and to make it easier for composers to determine how long 15 seconds is.

8 bars = 14 seconds at a tempo of 120 in 4/4.
And an image showing the tempo and how it would look with a single note per bar.
(The tempo and such are on the top left of the image, whilst the amount of bars that gives 14 seconds is on the play preview.)

And an image showing how long 8 bar equals to.

Basically if we want a short music for situations I would say the same as sparky with the 15 seconds or so.
Which would translate in about 8 bars when writting the said music. (It would help to determine what is the limitation so we get samples that are all close to the same length and easier to use than to have to re-edit them into smaller clips.)

Note: yes I could have made the images in a much better quality and only put the things needed in the image, but I just came back from work and I’m relaxing for tonight :stuck_out_tongue: and the next six month or so. (I work everyday but the weekends and it’s pretty demending.)
Ok… enough off-topic’ing.


Something I just thought of:
We could have some sort of voice message like a station broadcast saying that an unknown life form has been detected on-board :stuck_out_tongue: It could be a really nice thing, the player joining would hear a regular joining sound, whilst the player already connected would hear such voice message or just any other sound for that.


We do currently have a sound effect that is played when a player enters the server for the first time in that player’s session. That particular sound is not set in stone though :slight_smile: .


Hello, @dGr8LookinSparky, I like the idea of welcoming music. How should it be like?

I also really like @avarthar’a suggestion of voice clips welcoming players and telling others that reinforcements arrived, but I think it would be best if it played the moment a person joined a team, this way it’s more utilitarian and spectators leaving and coming won’t distract a person from tight combat. The only thing left is finding a person who can provide a recording :slight_smile:


@romdos may be able to add more, but my initial thoughts are as follows:

  • It should be brief (like I mentioned, 15 seconds max, perhaps shorter if possible)

  • It should be “welcoming”

  • Perhaps similar to the end of warmup music, it should get you pumped up and ready to join and play?


I’ll try my best :slight_smile:
I hope to make it by the weekend


Once I have a little bit more time I’ll try to make a few sounds (or at least one sample) of what it could be like with a broadcast like message.

(Probably tomorrow during the morning or maybe tonight if I manage to have a quiet moment that I can record it into ^^)

As for the situations like you wrote @AutumnLegends, I would say that spectators should have separate sound channels this way Humans would hear X sounds, Aliens would hear another set of sounds more fitting to their alien’y nature and the spactators would hear something like “A new alien has been discovered.” or “A human joined the resistance forces.” (Or none if the spectators don’t need such anyway,) This way it could also be used on both sides to help on strategies. (Yes it helps on strategy making to know that there is not 10 humans against the aliens. :wink: )

Anyway as I said I will try to make a few samples tonight if I get the chance to or maybe tomorrow. If not on these days, I will try to get it done this weekend.


Here is a few lines that I will try to record and alter so it fits the broadcast like voice or at least at the best of my abilities. (The reverb and such will already be added to the samples and I will make sure it is as less seconds as possible while still keeping it understandable.)

(Some lines might not be exactly the same as I might alter them when recording so the words used are more general/formal and less “I-know-this-person” like.)

  1. “Reinforcement has arrived.”
  2. “A new unknown life form has been detected.”
  3. “The reactor is under attack.”
  4. “The reactor is in a critical state. Repair is highly recommended.”
  5. “The reactor has been destroyed. Please consider constructing a new one as soon as possible.”

I will be posting back once I’m done with at least a sample or two.


I just found a pretty nice text-to-speech that has a really great voice that sounds perfect for broadcast-like recording :smiley:

(You might want to lower a little bit the volume on the right, it might be louder than you think :stuck_out_tongue: (It was fine on the mastering, but we all have our volume setups ^^))

What it gives so far with a Female voice.

Ok, I am done for the night it is already 2:00 AM and I have to wake up for work in about 6 hours :stuck_out_tongue:


We need some nice cool robotic male voices.


I will try to find one on that new text-to-speech website I found :stuck_out_tongue:
then I will send back those same samples with that male voice instead.

I do not have a lot of time today since I need to go to work in a few hours, but yea. I am still going to try to get a few samples done.


Here are the samples I have so far. I changed the voice for one of them to see what it would sound like with a deeper voice saying it and another one sounded a little glitchy, but I liked the way it sounded :stuck_out_tongue: (It sounded like the voice was coming from the reactor itself and that the glitch was coming from the hits on the reactor.)

And now I am off to relax a little bit before work :stuck_out_tongue: