UTCS UD - Development Thread


Here are some screenshots I took:


Those textures had light reflection in shader function?


PBR, Physically Based Rendering:

Something that we don’t have working yet in the current 1.3 renderer, but that Trem may have in the near future :wink:


Current progress. I still don’t know how to create and/or write proper shaders.

Photos are created with all new graphical features what are implemented in the engine.

  • Bloom, PBR, new HDR, new FXAA, new lighting model system, lens flare, new parallax mode, new specular mode, SSAO, SSGI, … etc. etc. etc.


Original map for the Tremulous (any version)

Map for the Unvanquished game

My latest work


Holy shit, is all i can say to this.


No more updates at least for this milestone of the engine :slight_smile:


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@TheDushan the post before this last one looks nice, but these last 3 shots look like i drank too much whiskey… what fx are making things look depth of field-y / oily paint-y?