[WIP]We need a Kamikaze alien for 1.3


Cool ideas so far. Personally I feel that this alien would fit better in S3 or even lategame S4 as a way for alien players who don't have enough evos for ADV Dragoon or Tyrant to still be significant threat to stalemates. Aliens at S1/S2 would be way too OP with this class available and would pretty much replace the Basilisk.


How'd you read my mind? I consistently find myself being useless sice I'm stuck with 1-2 evos during lategame.


lmao just give me my fucking basibombs already and let me use that sweet gpp + new edge knawledge to double bomb some nodes. dumbass kamikaze class, #makebasigreatagain


New Edge gave up on trem

Actually adding a suicide attack ability to the basilisk seems like not so bad an idea.Would probably have to be s3 though, or we rebalance h team. Adding to the poll.


basi bombs were OP because you could do it twice for 2 evos in less than 5 seconds. "How to kill a wall of turret with 2 evos"


good idea, btw, it should be invisible when OM is up and when it has full HP. Easy to chase at the end of the game, and can succefully ambush using is invisible skill.


raise bp more implement basi bomb


My #1 concern for this unit is newbies rusing in like a rant or battle granger. Also, patience & detonation time is key.


fyi basi bomb wasn't a suicide bomber. It acted more like a alien grenade, promoting the use of the basilisk because it's a waste of an evo otherwise. (for most people anyways)
it was used as a kamikaze bomber though because 75/100 hp doesnt get you in and out of a ret spam h base most of the time.


Actually dying as a basi was strategic. It took a minute for the basi bomb to regen, so to cause the most damage one would drop a basi bomb as a regular basi, evolve into an adv basi which would automatically get you a fresh advance basi bomb right away ( which aslo did more damage than the regular basibomb in itself), drop that adv basi bomb, die, get evos from any human players/buildables killed in that attack, respawn, evolve into a regular basi, rinse and repeat.


I'd rather have the basilisk underpowered than broken, as many people claim it to be game-breaking.


i mean seeing as people are against any change at all with the sole reason of "muh 1.1" its probably gamebreaking.
gamechanging =/= gamebreaking, but many people don't understand that concept on trem nowadays.
it requires different basebuilding on human side to counter basibombs, just like acid tube spam dies to one nade, the autistic half circle turret spam will fall to basibombs as well. If you prefer running bases over with rants instead of having an interesting game mechanic, then that's your decision, and you should live with the fact that this decision causes the 50 min campfests grangerhub is now haunted with. Do tell though: who are the "many people" who claim it's gamebreaking?


Yeah, we should at least change the metagame. I agree, because isn't that the real reason why we make new units/unit mods?

Now that I think about it, basibomb would be cool, but I believe we'd need to give the humans something to compensate. At s1 and s2, they can build only rets. That's why there's been so many complaints about it. We would have to give H team a way to prevent all that damage with a counter ability such as giving the ckit a defuse ability.


I would like to give an idea of ​​putting a new alien on the tremulous 1.3 he calls kamikase I still do not have a direct image of how he can be in the game but I have his abilities to sample

ability 1

  • press the right mouse button to self-explode and kill others around

ability 2

  • squeezing space 2 times to jump more self and climb the walls like the marauder

ability 3

  • pressing 1 to place bombs on the floor that can be destroyed with only a few shots and minimizing the damage of the explosion


  • if he is killed before the explosion is canceled
  • he can only have 120 life
  • if his explosion picks up the long distance player it will not be possible to give critical damage



Sea bear.

Sounds a lot like the NS2 Xenocide upgrade, though I like the idea, however why not just add it to the dretch as a upgrade part of the modular aliens.


the guy you’re only going to die if the bug explodes too close to you if you’re gone you will not die but it will take life and the human constructions will be resistant to his explosive attack


agree instead of a new class how about adding that ability to dretch? good idea


I agree but do not need any of this humans would just have to take distance from it and not be very close entente but if you think that it is better to put something to avoid it I do not disagree


I’ve seen the comments on my idea about alien kamikase, and I saw that there are more people thinking that it’s better not to put it in the game, but so, although the cons I want to put it in 1.3 to see if the kamikaze gameplay really would be cool, if in case it is not the class itself could become an ability of some good alien in the case of granger I recommend that he in stage 2 he could already build mines aliens to protect base and on the kamikaze ,

  • so as not to give too many disadvantages to humans, human structures will be resistant to this explosion
  • and to kill the first player he would have to explode very close and he would not be so slow and not so fragile humans will only have to take distance from him not to die
  • In this the alien will have to hide and catch the player of surprise to kill him


Has anyone seen the adorable little ball bug things, they look like miniature armadillos. We could have a little ball bug that costs about 2 evos that suicides with boiling hot caustic acid splatter that has a poison component to it. Starship Troopers 3 I think had them just without the acid. It could cost only 2 evos but have a very real time cost. Using a suicide ball bug and actually succeeding in its explosion could double the re-spawn wait for the player.

Two options are possible I would think: explosive hot acid like the real life bombardier beetle, or a hot regular looking explosion.