[WIP]We need a Kamikaze alien for 1.3


Rolly Polly?


Yes lol adorable indeed.


the creepypasta ??


but the idea of ​​1 hp was not mine I asked him to leave in 120 of hp as the spitfire but I will not disagree with the idea of ​​them I will agree if and what he understands me


Adorable? D:
It would go straight under my shoe.
I really don’t know what people find adorable about insects…

For those wondering why… Only one word: Entomophobia.


A big rolly polly ball bug that can roll in explode its shell into deadly flying blades… yes plz


“The only good bug is a dead bug!” Perfect place for a trem map with starship troopers imagery.


what about if the dretch was replaced with the advanced dretch at s3 which can also blow itself up in an aoe


So… Give the dretch (or a different alien?) assplosions, or make a new alien class?


I think that if we were to have new assets available for a new alien class that is designed for this purpose, a new alien class would be preferential, since it seems like the existing classes are shaping up with their own roles and personalities.


I personally half like, and half dislike this idea. I like it in the sense that humans have a grenade and can basenade the aliens, aliens would then have something to basenade the humans. But in the sense that I never really see anyone using grenades (other than grenade launcher spamming), giving this ability to a class (such as a dretch) would defeat its purpose for tactics and force a direct path to the human base, ignoring all other enemies.


In other words, think of F’s nuclear grangers.


For the benefit of everyone not familiar with F’s nuclear granger, could you describe the details of what it did, and the common ways it i was used (tactically and strategically)?


F server’s nuclear grangers were one of the “special waves” they had, A horde of 25 or so grangers would rush to the human base and explode, causing mass destruction to everything. It was mostly used with the !path function, one player would gather all the grangers with it, then walk to the human base, with some other players distracting humans, and others guarding the horde. If done right, humans were practically left defenseless.

(I think if we added a kamikaze alien, it would be like that, but instead of happening on special occasions, it would happen all the time).


We could control the frequency of a kamikaze alien’s occurrence by increasing its price. And/or if, like suggested earlier in this thread, if it was a “glass cannon” easy to kill, one would have to determine if the situation was ideal to use that class, so that it would have a strategic element (although that can apply to any downside in using a specific class).


My argument about that is, considering how close human structures generally are, and how much evolve points they would give on destruction, a kamikaze alien could sneak by humans pretty easilly and then destroy all of that stuff, gaining more evos than they are losing.


Can you describe what !path did?

Evos gained from structure kills has been reduced, recently.


!path, was a command I am pretty sure used to create a path for bots to move specifically with, I think it was either made by your own movement or through a series of repeaters which had the model of pylons. :wink:


Maybe the damage shouldn’t be such that a single explosions would kill anything (that has full hp) generally, but may deliver “mid range” damage in a relatively large splash radius, like mainly to weaken a decent part of a human base before a subsequent attack. Someone did recommend to me relatively recently that the nades should have reduced damage with a larger splash radius (and I think I’m going to try that out maybe for tomorrow’s Thursday evening dev games), but the same approach might work well for a kamikaze alien.


From what I would assume, !path added nodes for the bots to follow (With probably a buffer of maybe 5 to 10 dots so the lazy bots would still be able to follow after running into a wall.) (And it probably had some Priority value on the nodes so the aliens would prioritize the player’s nodes instead of the pre-placed map nodes.)

Note that this is only theoretical and might not be done like that at all and might even be a simple method telling the bots to follow the player’s object instead of the pre-placed nodes.

Personally I would use the first idea of using temporary nodes which would have a small buffer of maybe 5 to 10 nodes with a priority value. This way we could have a small system so if the base gets attacked or we issue an attack command, a node path would be made higher priority. (Some units/classes could also only follow a specific priority number so they can only go in Attack mode or such. Why so? I would hardly see a kamikaze alien go back to defend the base and explode on the enemy attacking the overmind ^^)

As for the alien exploding, I would maybe say, if you want to keep the alien in a relatively good price-range, it should not instantly kill anything caught in the explosion.
If it does kill anything in one hit, I would make it so the evolution at least cost a lot and would also kill allies if they are in the explosion range. (This way it would not be too overpowered.)